Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

This is one of my favorite festival during my childhood, which is all about mooncake and lantern!
Usually will gained few kg by then, you can see how much I loveeeeee mooncake! Especially with lotus seed filling!

But as time goes by, I eat lesser in order to maintain my body shape LOL

So, what so special about the mooncake this year?


I'm not a fan of Hello Kitty! But I just unable to resist it's cuteness! And of course because it's pink.
Furthermore, it comes with a Hello Kitty bag of your choice, with purchase of any 4 flavors!

It was suppose to be a food warmer bag, but I don't care, it is big enough to use as a cosmetic bag haha!

It was really a surprise that my boyfriend actually buy the whole set for me.
He don't usually buy the things that I requested @_@ 
Especially when I buy the mooncakes because of the cute bag LOL
I guess the "pussycat eyes" work =P

Let's start off with my favorite flavor, the Apple!
I love how it gives me the fruitful flavor and the raisin enhanced the sweetness and fragrance.

White chocolate with mango feeling.
Too sweet for my liking.

The below looks like the traditional baked mooncake right?
No no no no, it's actually softer and have more cake-like texture than the usual baked mooncake.
And add on with some chicken floss.
Prefer the traditional one though =P

Lastly, the king of the series!
Durian flavor!
I was surprise to find out that the outer layer is made by jelly, and the filling is actually durian ice-cream!
The texture is quite special.
It's sold at higher price. I guess because it's made by Musang Durian.

Arrrrghhh... I miss playing lantern with my cousin...
What a lonely Mid Autumn Festival =P


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