Saturday, August 17, 2013

Get sick of cheesecake and mille crepe?

Are you getting sick of all sort of Cheesecake and Layer Cake?
Sadly, I am.

I came across this cafe on some food blog and was drooling over the pictures of the colorful cakes.
So here we are,  having a dinner at this pinky sweet little cafe!
I had forgotten to take the picture of the sign board, was starving I guess. =P

The interior design is so princess-like that you can have your birthday party and perhaps I can hold my Hen's night there. LOL!

WOW! Cakes in all kind of shape.

I'm surprised that most of their customers are little kids, which came along with their parents for the dinner.
I think we are the only couple there?  So embarrassing >_<

Since the bf wanted to eat something light, both of us order Spaghetti.

Tea and mushroom soups. The design of the bowl is cute isn't it!

 His Spicy Aglio Olio. Hmmmm... Hot and spicy! Too hot to my preference though.

I will order anything with mushroom! But seems like the flavor is too thick which I prefer bf's Spicy Aglio Olio more. The spaghetti wasn't impressive enough, tasted something better elsewhere.

Okay It's time for their feature - the CAKE!

The Chocolate log is full covered with Choco powder and looks so tempting!
I was expecting some bitterness from the chocolate cake, but in fact, it's a little bit sweeter for my liking.
I was told that this is one of their less sweet cake out there.
I was like: Har? So the other cake will be sweeter?
It's okay, I will still try out your other cake? How can you resist? Tell me! O_O

Tried out their Creme Brulee! It's in very small portion. The caramel is crispy but slightly thinner, the custard texture is too soft. Still prefer the one from Cestino.

The glutton. Teehee.

Wanna have some bread?

Look at their 3D cake series! Get that for your baby birthday, 21st birthday or Anniversary!

Will I come back again? Definitely yes!
I'm so tempted to try out all of their cakes =D

Passionfood Cafe and Bakery
14, Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johore Bahru, Malaysia

 (visited on 12 July 2013)

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