Thursday, July 18, 2013

Being Jobless

As titled, I'm currently and temporarily UNHIRED, which explained why am I sitting in front of my computer, writing this blog post after 3 months.
It's been so long, feel like 3 freaking years! =P
Seriously, every evening when I got back from work, what I wanna do is to finish my dinner and sit comfortably on the couch and watching TV shows.
Couch Potato it is.

Nah, Cute hor! That's how I got my spare tire!

Anyway, I'm now enjoying my little space and trying to fully utilize my free time.
What I mean is, trying. Don't like that la, at least I'm trying.
Pls let me be carefree and lazy for a moment. I smell the sweet scent of freedom. Teehee.

So, I have this lovely lunch date with my old old friend, Sufung @ Brazzo to kill my Monday boredom.
This is my first visit to this restaurant and we came here for it's lunch menu.
I love lunch menu because it's always cheaper than usual! =P

I order Fish and Chips while Sufung order Grilled Chicken Thigh.

Earl Grey Tea, aroma smells like essential oil, like doing SPA bath. LOL.
Chicken thigh is juicy, other than that nothing to rave about it.But still, worth for the price.

The fish is kinda dry and nothing special about it. Not fancy much.

Miss me not? I'm still alive. Hahaha.

The environment. We didn't realized that the crowds is gone during our sweet chit-chat session.


It's just next to UOB bank. Easy to spot.

The Brazzo Restaurant & Lounge
Jalan Ponderosa 2/1. Taman Ponderosa
Johor Bahru. (Next to UOB Bank, Tmn Ponderosa)

( Visited on 15 Jul 2013)


小棠 said...

enjoy time with your fave music!

♥Hiroko-chan♥ said...

Okay! Will practice my piano more often! ^^