Thursday, July 18, 2013

Being Jobless

As titled, I'm currently and temporarily UNHIRED, which explained why am I sitting in front of my computer, writing this blog post after 3 months.
It's been so long, feel like 3 freaking years! =P
Seriously, every evening when I got back from work, what I wanna do is to finish my dinner and sit comfortably on the couch and watching TV shows.
Couch Potato it is.

Nah, Cute hor! That's how I got my spare tire!

Anyway, I'm now enjoying my little space and trying to fully utilize my free time.
What I mean is, trying. Don't like that la, at least I'm trying.
Pls let me be carefree and lazy for a moment. I smell the sweet scent of freedom. Teehee.

So, I have this lovely lunch date with my old old friend, Sufung @ Brazzo to kill my Monday boredom.
This is my first visit to this restaurant and we came here for it's lunch menu.
I love lunch menu because it's always cheaper than usual! =P