Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mille Crepe?

It's 2013 already, so fast!

Let's start our new year with some delicious food! *such a glutton*
Accidetally found this cafe when I was thinking to get a Mille Crepe for my Dad's birthday. Seems like it's a new trend? But end up didn't get it cause too pricey. 不肖! >_<

Recently, Cafe that sells only coffee and cake is increasing like rocket. All without proper meal.
Can they survive? =P But at least it provides a place for boring couples to date and then when they get bored of this one they can go for another one. Exploring new cafe everyday. Haha.

So here we come, another new place which is famous with their Mille Crepe, Maco Cafe & Bakery.
Again, without proper meal, we have to go somewhere else to have our dinner then come back here.
So troublesome! Okay I'm lazy and I know it. I almost give up the cake and rather to shop in Sutera Mall until Mr. Rabbit drag me out of the mall. I think most of the guys find their girlfriend looks so un-CUTE than usual when they are shopping. LOL!

So here we come, Maco Cafe @ 9pm. *yawn*