Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

This is one of my favorite festival during my childhood, which is all about mooncake and lantern!
Usually will gained few kg by then, you can see how much I loveeeeee mooncake! Especially with lotus seed filling!

But as time goes by, I eat lesser in order to maintain my body shape LOL

So, what so special about the mooncake this year?


I'm not a fan of Hello Kitty! But I just unable to resist it's cuteness! And of course because it's pink.
Furthermore, it comes with a Hello Kitty bag of your choice, with purchase of any 4 flavors!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

How much do you love your Furkids?

How much do you love your Furkids?
Do you play with them often? Do you give enough attention to them?
Furkids Coco and Yangyang! And Specky which is not in the picture.

I had 4 dogs,  one of them had just passed away so I left with 3.
It's a heartache, but I have to move on.

Dong Dong, you will always in our heart. =(

Now, I will show you how am I going to express my LOVE  to my dear Furkids.
I'm making cookies for them! (´∀`)♡

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Get sick of cheesecake and mille crepe?

Are you getting sick of all sort of Cheesecake and Layer Cake?
Sadly, I am.

I came across this cafe on some food blog and was drooling over the pictures of the colorful cakes.
So here we are,  having a dinner at this pinky sweet little cafe!
I had forgotten to take the picture of the sign board, was starving I guess. =P

The interior design is so princess-like that you can have your birthday party and perhaps I can hold my Hen's night there. LOL!

WOW! Cakes in all kind of shape.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Being Jobless

As titled, I'm currently and temporarily UNHIRED, which explained why am I sitting in front of my computer, writing this blog post after 3 months.
It's been so long, feel like 3 freaking years! =P
Seriously, every evening when I got back from work, what I wanna do is to finish my dinner and sit comfortably on the couch and watching TV shows.
Couch Potato it is.

Nah, Cute hor! That's how I got my spare tire!

Anyway, I'm now enjoying my little space and trying to fully utilize my free time.
What I mean is, trying. Don't like that la, at least I'm trying.
Pls let me be carefree and lazy for a moment. I smell the sweet scent of freedom. Teehee.

So, I have this lovely lunch date with my old old friend, Sufung @ Brazzo to kill my Monday boredom.
This is my first visit to this restaurant and we came here for it's lunch menu.
I love lunch menu because it's always cheaper than usual! =P

Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 Life's been Good

Here I am again! After 3 month...
I've been very very busy... busy and busy...
Busy is always an excuse for laziness!
But I'm really busy maaa...=P

Just a quick update for what I've been up to recently. My life has been great.
I have a job, have a supportive boyfriend, have understanding family, lovely friends and colleagues, and I have God who gave me all these precious things in my life.

I thank God for everyday that I go through, appreciate every little single things that happened on me.
Though there are tears and pain,
I believe He prepare the best for me =)

I got to perform, got to travel, got good companion, got to eat good foods.
My life can never better than this.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mille Crepe?

It's 2013 already, so fast!

Let's start our new year with some delicious food! *such a glutton*
Accidetally found this cafe when I was thinking to get a Mille Crepe for my Dad's birthday. Seems like it's a new trend? But end up didn't get it cause too pricey. 不肖! >_<

Recently, Cafe that sells only coffee and cake is increasing like rocket. All without proper meal.
Can they survive? =P But at least it provides a place for boring couples to date and then when they get bored of this one they can go for another one. Exploring new cafe everyday. Haha.

So here we come, another new place which is famous with their Mille Crepe, Maco Cafe & Bakery.
Again, without proper meal, we have to go somewhere else to have our dinner then come back here.
So troublesome! Okay I'm lazy and I know it. I almost give up the cake and rather to shop in Sutera Mall until Mr. Rabbit drag me out of the mall. I think most of the guys find their girlfriend looks so un-CUTE than usual when they are shopping. LOL!

So here we come, Maco Cafe @ 9pm. *yawn*