Friday, October 5, 2012

3D Bear

I thought it's going to be easy. But I actually burned the midnight oil continuously for a week, to finish this little bear. Just only able to complete the whole bear after my hectic tour from Bangkok, with my sick body, at 3am. Silly enough.

I wanted to make you a special birthday.
All the effort I made, to makes you realize, you meant a lot to me, once.
I have no regrets because I have done my part.

Once, I was like a walking corpse by missing you day and night.
But now I know that, you are not worthy.
Here's my last word to you and I'm gonna get over you. =)

My last word to you

1 comment:

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3D bear is amazing , look so elegant and beautiful. You really did a commendable job and I appreciate your hard sweat burn to make this cute bear. Keep on doing this.