Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's July

It's July already, time passed so quickly.
And I'm so forgetful that I couldn't remember what have I done for the past few months. Haha.

Ok skip those unhappy part, here's the summary of the happy part...

Department Dinner @ Sweet Water Italian Restaurant

It's considered as authentic Italian food since it doesn't seem appealing to most of the Asian taste bud.
But all of them look fine to me, other than the pumpkin soup.
(I memang didn't fancy pumpkin that much~=P)

My fishhh~ I love it. Bitter salad, very bitter, I like it though. Delicious appetizers (finish 10  in one go)!!

My neighbour's seafood pasta. Pumpkin soup. And the best part, Cheesecake! The texture is so different like you are eating raw cheese <3

Company Birthday Party

And finally it's over, our company birthday party celebration, organized by Customer Service department, which is US.
After all those hectic after-work practice schedule, finally it's over.
And my work schedule was in a mess, I can't focus!
Anyway finally get backon track after saturday OT.

Actual day

My first handmade birthday card! So me right... hahaha

Our Dancing Video! Woooo!

Appreciation dinner!

Singapore Shopping Trip with Colleagues and my Sistas

Piano exam result

Here comes the piano exam result slip. Shocking. And unbelievable.
I'm so thankful for God loving me so much.
But marks doesn't mean anything, I know my own strength.
And I need to work hard to prove that I worth the marks!


Recently there's somebody commented that I act like a teenager.
Perhaps they think that I'm impulsive, and childish at the same time.
But I would said myself as persistent, stubborn, and bold?
I used to be very timid when I was younger.
Swallow everything and kept inside whenever I was being bullied or hurt, and never dare to voice out.

Guess my rebellious stage came late.
But I never regretted, for whatever I have done.
I've did my best for myself, to pursue the things that I wanted and needed.
I might done dangerous things, but I have think thoroughly and carefully.
And it's worthy for the risk.
And I really thanks God that I wasn't be confronted by my parents for staying overnight outside, for the FIRST TIME.
I have prepared for the worst, and I don't want to lie.

I never know, being emotional, is actually being in my comfort zone, until somebody reminds me.
Indeed, I can feel myself more with that side, without hiding my emotions, and let it run wildly.
Now I know I'm wrong. I should have better control of it when I grow.
All my insecurities, lack of confidence, jealousy, and over focus on something that I shouldn't,
I should put them under control.
I never be the rational kind, although I wanted to be one.
So that I can be tough and stronger, and cold blooded. LOL.

Do you know how hard is that to suppress all the feelings when you need someone and feeling insecurities and fear?It need a lot of courage and I know I'm going to suffer for long.
I can't transformed and get used to it in just one day.
I wanted to change.
Not for somebody, it's for myself.
To have a better image in God's eyes.

But still having an adult mind but a kiddy heart.
There's a little girl staying inside.
My mind have to try all it could to tame this little girl.
But still, I wish to keep part of this little girl, the innocence and naive side of her.
Because of her, I know there's hope.
Because of her, I know the world is still beautiful.
I'm still a human, made in flesh and blood.

보고 싶어요 (pogoshipoyo)

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