Thursday, April 12, 2012

Project revealed!

It's been a tough week.
I hardly have the time to sleep properly, needless to mention extra time for entertainment.

I can hardly breath and I know my anti-stress level is still not up to standard yet.
For most of the time, I am still able to handle it but sometimes, I just need a break.
And I guess that's only Me myself, which only able to control my OWN emotion.
There's no one else can help me.
In a nutshell, I need to be independent.
And I am already.
Just have to be stronger, and tougher.

But still, weeping silently due to sudden break down.
I guess I just need to release some tension.
After hearing those impatience tone, which showed my incapability.

I still need to carry on, there's a long way ahead.
Am I suppose to be walking alone?
I know God is always with me.
How about, a human?
Afterall, I'm still struggling.
As in, I'm feeling more confidence and secure to be walking alone.
Instead of taking risk of hurting others, or my own self.

I had been spending few sleepless night to complete the "project" below.
Which is my photo book.(*shameless*)

I thought it was quite stupid to use my sleeping time just to do stuffs like this.
But I totally deserve for being sleepless.
1st, I bought the coupon online, because it's having promotion. Bought 2 somemore.
2nd, I do things last min, I even ask the seller to extend my deadline for 2 times.

So finally I'm able to catch up the deadline, 1 day later though.
All pictures and whatever design inside (background, words etc) is fully in charge by me.
The seller just in charge of printing only!
And I think I did a pretty good job despite the super noob software design and user-unfriendly provided design software.
Wasted so much time on all the software design bugs you know!

Please tell me it's nice. If you think not nice then don't tell me please.
I paid and I made it.
No next time anymore.
Cause I want to sleep...

Good nightz!


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J said...

Beautifully made! :-)