Sunday, April 29, 2012

FHA 2012

This is going to be a very delicious post.

Spent 1.30hour lost in Senai highway to fetch my VIP from Senai Airport. First trip ever to Senai Airport. But I almost ended up at Desaru. NOOB~~~~~~~! @_________@
Worst thing is, there's no signal when I was trying to call for help!
Thanks God I'm still able to reach airport safely but late for 1 hour.
Embarrassed and guilty. Sigh.

Little Silver never run that fast since the day she followed me. Reaching MAX 120+ km/h! Her timid owner wanna escape from the desserted highway asap. *Panic*
Already physically and mentally tired before leaving Malaysia. /_\

Still have to stuck outside Singapore Expo entrance due to the crowd. But this time I'm not the driver. So never mind =X

Finally we are in! Look at the crowd!
 Some competition was going on. WOW~!

Colorful cake decoration! So cuteee!

Brownie~First food that I tasted.

Gelato~ Yum yum~
Huge Pizza

Youtiao~! Chinese delicacy~
octopus, crab, and fish!

I'm not sure what's going on. Some sort of ceremony I guess. But I saw Malaysia Flag!
You can transfer the image onto your cake. It's edible!

Angry Bird =D
LV BAG!!!!!! Can you believe this is actually chocolate?!
Present. Aw, i love present haha

Chocolate! It's dark chocolate. Bitter @@
Spotted hot angmoh, accidentally =P

This is Kiwana(Kiwi+Banana) I still prefer Kiwi or Banana. Don't mix mix~ XD

I saw my dog's paws!
So girlish! LOL

This is chocolate! So detailed!!
Rock-like bread. Look so hard that I think I might broke my teeth biting it.
Raw cheese. Taste... raw... lol

She is eating salmon, I also want! But lazy to queue lol
Korea Food~
This korea lady looks so gentle. If I can have half of her gentleness... Haha
I was reluctant to stuff this avocado sauce into my mouth, but somebody said it's good for skin, so...
Raw salmon with ... banana sauce? I forgot.

Is this real abalone when it's alive? It looks freaky T_T
Mini dim sum! YUMMY!

Alcohol? Not my thing. I can't stand the bitterness,
Sesame ice cream!
Spotted Leng Lui! So pretty one...
Usually I shall take photo with any mascot that I met. But I have to look professional that day, So...

Robot ask you to not litter!!

There's was a moment when I was left alone for like 15minutes (or longer) without any sight of my VIP after searching so hard. No choice only can stand still at the same spot like a kid, waiting "mummy" to pick me up. Cuz this is not Malaysia, telephone calls cost a bomb. Actually when my mind was running wild, I was thinking I might be left out, then later have to walk back to JB...bla bla all rubbish and funny thought just came across lol Luckily it's just a thought... Phew


Arrival at kitchenware section... 

This alien is a coffee maker, if not remember wrongly.

 Super elegant right?
I remember this is Infrared Griller or something? You can looks like a chef at home too~

We didn't manage to visit all the booths. It's almost time. And my lower back had been hurting like don't know what.
Have to find a place to sit like a granny lol

I was sleeping so soundly on the way back... I am that tired...

Time for dinner! Arrival at well-known George & Dragon Cafe.
The rain was so heavy, we have to dash into the cafe to avoid getting wet. Got wet, still.
Do you miss my face already? haha.
Appetizer. Abalone mushroom soup. It consists abalone mushroom, not abalone. No wonder I can't find my abalone inside ....T_T

Taste good! =D
Found this super cool poster in the toilet~
And a Uncool one. Apparently, I'm not a good woman.
I can't dig worms!

The only pic of the not-so-good woman. So blur samo~~~~

It's time to go home~! The time past so fast...

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