Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sexy back with my 犬

I've been busy for works.
Live everyday like roller coaster.
But I met someone special,
who colors my day,
so that it won't get so dull. =)
I'm going to fill this post with all kind of random stuffs...
And tons of camwhore pictures with my 犬(dog in japanese)!

sexy back

Posted with silly ribbon spectacle
Memang silly T_T

 ~ Puff~

Got some delicious puffs from Puff Garden.
Bought the coupon on LivingSocial and enjoy it at RM10 ... Yum~
Seriously, it is so soft and fresh =D

 Camwhore with my girls~!
My dog still don't know how to pose properly, sigh
Yea right look here... EH wake up lo~
Stop licking me can?
YangYang: Blek~

Kay fine, let you kiss la~

What are you trying to do?!

She's definitely my girl~
Cuz she did the same thing that I always do.
But I don't yawn while taking picture!!!

Finally a proper one. Phew~

~Dentist Appointment~

How I kill my time while waiting for my dentist appointment

Sexy back

Editing pictures~

Ended this post with sexY backsssssssss!!!!


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