Saturday, February 4, 2012

Birthday Wish List 2012

This is a must for every year okay!

OMG I'm turning 23 this year. SUPER OLD!!!

Haiya, doesn't matter, I must be growing mature when I'm getting older*Comforting ownself*

Anyway, recently I'm so busy that I got no time to practice piano, chat with my family, having a early dinner, needless to say surf website, write blog, movie or any entertainment.
I'm a busy girl now, it's totally different with my usual self, you know right right right?

I used to be a very free people, fly here and there, needless to concern about workload bla bla bla
Now I'm under a very big stresssssss.
yea very big instead =D

I thought I couldn't take it, but now I think I'm handling it quite well.
I'm adapting, and improving as well.
To be the best of best! Woohoo.
I will stay strong, with GOD POWER! Muahaha.

And I'm already prepare to have the busiest birthday of my life.
Not ever dare to think to celebrate my birthday on it actual day,
since it's weekday==working day.

Now I was thinking IT filed is actually not that hard...
I always wanted to change to a easier-to-handle work field, ended up...
Cuz there's no easy work in the world!

Anyway here's my 23rd birthday list!

-To free from any illness. All my illness will be fully healed! (Only God can do that!)
-To gain more wisdom. Work wise and do wise in everything.
-To get more friends. More friends for my birthday =( *sound sad lol*
-To involved in a stable relationship. Found someone who loved me more than my parents =)
-To able to find my true meaning of life, my goal, my dream...
-To get a healthier body shape and skin! (means slimmer and fairer =P)
-To able to hear God's word.
-To have strong bond with my family.

Those listed above is things that I prayed to GOD. Only God can fulfilled them.

Big Daughter- Coco!

Small Daughter - Yang Yang

-Foundation! I always wanted to find a foundation that suits my skin perfectly! But failed T_T Cuz no money.  LMAO

-Condenser mic! Meh, I just don't bear to spent few hundred on a mic without frequent use. But I want better demo quality! Who knows one day I'm in good mood for a demo recording.

-Keyboard! Not computer keyboard. Music keyboard, you know that black and white keys... I need a portable instruments for performance or work, especially for church event =P

-DSLR! I happily got my Canon S95 last year. And I still think it's not enough. Canon 600D is good enough =P

-Smart Phone! I'm not really into the latest gadget. Because I think I'm smart enough. Muahaha. *Kidding*
The reason I wanna get it, just to match it with the cutest smartphone skin on the market, I'm just being frank =X

-Powerful PC! To handle multimedia processing.

-Cash! Not materialistic, is realistic. Cash can't do anything, but without cash you can't do anything.

Aw, now I found myself such a gadget girl.
I also wanted for some girl accessories but not like you can pick for me LOL
Oh ya, I want a platinum cross necklace! I lost mine =(((

A little rest on this lovely saturday.
Later gonna feed my thirsty body with another big feast.
You deserve to be fat lo! ><

Yea I sign myself a LookBook Account!

I pray to GoD that all my friends and family will lead a very fruitful and joyful and healthy new year!

Cute Mummy and Daughters =D

My birthday falls on 21st Feb, in case you dunno =P



LauraLeia said...

Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true~ ^^
Oh, and your red dress is absolutely gorgeous! <3 Where did you buy it? :)

♥Hiroko-chan♥ said...

Haiya! Thanks for your early wish! My birthday actually fall on 21st of Feb. Hehehe I bought it on blogshop. Emmycubic =)

Alison said...

Haha mee 2...But I'm way much older..LOL.Happy Birthday

♥Hiroko-chan♥ said...

Your birthday same with me ? =D
Alison you are?