Sunday, January 8, 2012

Late Xmas Post

My busiest Xmas night ever.
As this is my first time to be involved in my church Xmas celebration,
as a keyboardist!
I think we have broken some records like having 4 session of Xmas rally in 24 hours.
Tired max. But I enjoyed most of the time with the team.=)

Look at my long legs. *Proud*

Colorful Xmas deco @ Jurong Point, Singapore. The theme for this year is Garfield and Friends!

Big feast and delicious cakes from my new company for the Xmas Celebration!
Santa Claus! He looks so chinese LOL
Socks...! Chocolates and candies... Fattening food =P
Finally, Xmas rally at Full Gospel Church!
Wear like a princess...
Play like a Professional... Aiks... that face expression...
Got lengzai partners somemore =P
Drama, with subtitles!

Hold 住!

Dance Crew
BackStage. The musician team!
The Jazz Band
The bracelet- My Xmas present

During the break...

The keyboardist ...
Visited Grandpa's grave and celebrate Xmas with him. This year, he celebrates Xmas at the Heaven, our future home.

Followed by big feast, again! lol!
Last but not least, Xmas Gifts! I never expect any because i never receive any for the prev year lo! Thanks anyway =D
Overall, I was busy and tight for the whole Xmas celebration yet, a little lonely.
I shall thank God for able to see him and talk to him, during the Xmas.
It's considered as spending Xmas with him right? hahaha! *self-bluffing*

In the blink of an eye, Xmas has passed! ><
Happy birthday Jesus, My heavenly father! =)


yaslyn said...

somebody wearing my shirt without asking permission. where is this place oh.

♥Hiroko-chan♥ said...

LOL. tot u gave her liao. Still complained by mummy cuz this shirt is too old and she still insist to wear. It's at Jurong Point.