Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm Employed!

I finally got my first official job! Since a year ago, there are thousands of people ask me:
"How's your job? Have you start working?" bla bla bla
I was like: "erm, I'm still working as freelancer and  .... " *speechless*
Now, I can say it out loud, I'm Officially EMPLOYED. LOL, like I've stroke a fortune.

So here I am, after my first week of new job. How do I feel about it? Basically I think I have nice collegues for now.

And I got my own desk!!!*Excited*

*Don't care what others said* I almost turn Daiso upside down to search for something cute to decorate my desk! Woot! I'm sorry but this is the first thing that I thought of during my first day. LOL.

My desk!

Jack jack!

Puss in boots!

And many many... Not fully decorated yet!

Okay let's talk about what I've done for the last week.
I still haven't start my actual task yet.
What I did is just studying the documents, study and study...
Till I fall asleep ... zzzzZZZZ

Boss had assigned some of the collegues to guide me, but most of the time they will be super busy with their works, and I will be left alone. Meow~
According to them, this period is so-called the "Honeymoon Period"
Which you can go home ON TIME. And you won't have such chance in the future.

First day of work, training. Bored.

Anyway, I have been warned during the interview. But I still have to agree with that due to the fact that I'm jobless and it's really a big company. For the sake to build up my career profile, I have to put up with that first ...!

Panda eyes.

There were lots of awkward moment caused by unfamiliarity with the company culture and working environment. For an example, I can't find the exit when going home..........

The main culture of the company will be the cleanliness! As a food manufacturing factory, they prioritize cleanliness than anything!

So to adapt to the culture, I need to wash hand with sanitizer before having my meal.
And dry it with paper towel. T_T So troublesome and wasteful right?I'm an environment lover. =P
But anyway I don't want to make myself look so dirty when compare with others. So..

What I did when I'm bored.

That's only thing that I concerned is, I  need to depart at 7.30am from my house! Means I need to wake up before sunrise! EMO...I never work at somewhere >15mins driving distance from my house.
Anyway, breakfast provided. A Little comfort.

I think I look pretty cool in the working outfit , but ...

You won't want to see what's down there. If you know me, then you will know I'm super afraid of COLD!

I'm trying to refrain myself from over-consumption of milo and snacks.Because all is provided for free!
And I'm a glutton cat. Meow~ I don't want to turn into a fatty cat~~~~~

Yeah! Casual Friday! Wore my favorite pink sneakers. Warm!

It's Monday tomorrow, feeling the blue already... Hahaha...

End this post with camwhore pic. XD



ultrawan88 said...

Sis after this u need to work hard & smart k. :D
I'm so proud of it ;'D

ultrawan88 said...

Huhu btw..can draw my face too? :D
>.< b

♥Hiroko-chan♥ said...

hahaha~ ur face ah, very hard to draw eh...u go play street fighter can see ur face inside le wat