Thursday, November 17, 2011

Long Way Home @ I wanna see HOPE

Bekok, my parent's hometown. A peaceful small village.

My family and I used to spend our Chinese New Year with the our grandparents and the whole big family in this small wooden house.
Sky is always bluerer and grass is always greener at the village!

But due to the fact that both of my dearest grandpa (both Daddy and Mummy's papa) passed away one after the other, we have no reason to be back to this nostalgic place...

The reason, that why we are here is to pay visit at grandpa's grave.
It's Grandpa(Papa's papa)'s 100 days Death Anniversary.
I missed him ... There were so many memories between me and grandpa ... =/

No make up, no dress up, everything is just so simple.

Typical Kampung girl.

Recently, I was struggling a lot regarding to the job hunt and the whole thing caused me to have several sleepless nights.
Adult life is not easy. I just hope that I could get back to my study life.
Instead of waking up at the early morning everyday feeling blue and thinking how am I going to spend the whole working day...

I'm trying to button my jean, Serious!

No acting okay! With super messy hair after getting up from bed at the early morning.

But I'm a grown up now! Still I'm so naive to think that I can actually have freedom, money, interest all together in my working life. I'm so WRONG then!
Now thinking of the heavy workload and long working hour won't bring me and equivalent income;
a relax and good income won't bring me career prospect;
Which one shall I pick?
I'm an IT graduate. And I don't want to be an IT officer because I'm not good at it.
I wanna be in art field, but people won't hire or train someone who don't even had a certification in it.
I'm stucked.
Seems like I'm not good enough to be in any field. Sigh.

Failed artsy photo taken by my sis. LOL.

The interviewer for marketing job position told me:
"You shall become a designer! That's what your character told me in this half hour."
You thought I don't wanna to be one?
To be a fashion designer, or musician, is like my FOREVER dream.
Which can only be achieved in my DREAM.

I regret for not being serious in my internship.
For not changing my course while I know I can't handle it.
and bla bla bla....


Lead me Lord, to a brigther future.

Artsy photo by me. Hehe.
I wanna see HOPE.

Please follow my blog, If you are one of my secret blog reader or what so ever.
It's just stupid numbers, I know.
But I care!
So... Grant my wish! Thank you!



yh said...

船到桥头自然直:) there is always hope as long you try your best to look for it and it's yourselves who gonna create the hope XD
You can just get a regular work at the same time achieving your dream mah. Must have some 冲力 while we are still young XD

*Your blog is laggy while scrolling :X

♥Hiroko-chan♥ said...

Haha. Yea lor. Now im Lacking of Money + Lacking of Motivation to work!!!

LOL! Either Your computer problem or internet problem! Haha. And my photo is High definition. Thats why =P
Hor! You no follow?!

Panzer Templer said...

hey, just work for what u want to do. join a company that does what u wanted to do always as an intern and work up the rank. thats what i did and thats the only sensible way to do it. theres no shortcut to reach your dream :) anyway, good luck and take care

♥Hiroko-chan♥ said...

Those kind of job position not easy to find oso. Aih. Ganbatte!!!!!

Panzer Templer said...

lol thats y, join as intern, much more easier to join, if u really want to work that job, 4 - 6 months working as intern is better than few years/decades working what u do not want to do

Panzer Templer said...

but u need to show them ur dedication and spirit that u really wanted work that job and ask them to give u a chance as intern

chankexin said...

i will follow u :D

♥Hiroko-chan♥ said...

Yea. Love ya <3