Wednesday, November 2, 2011

David Garette Private Showcase in Singapore!

  For the first time in my lifetime, I won myself something from a lucky draw! It's a pair of  "David Garrett Private Showcase in Singapore" tickets. How excited is that!

   Actually I don't won it entirely by my own. I was asking for help from a friend who work in Singapore, and he is so kind to help me to SMS to the Singapore Radio Channel to grab a chance to win the tickets.

  2 days before the concert, I got no news from my friend. Sigh, as expected, I got no luck!
But still, I prayed to God, I told HIM how much I wanted to go for this concert... And ...
TADA! Here I am, at the concert! Got a SMS from my friend a day before the concert, that I have won the tickets! Thanks GOD!!!

  In disbelief, I immediately called my ex-bandmate AKA University friend Jeffrey whether he is free on the next day for the concert. His reply: I'm going to take half day leave for the concert! (He is a fan of orchestra concert!)
Anyway this is a Crossover(Mixture of Classical and Pop) Concert from David Garrett!


Mummy, why you wear so pretty one?

Mummy, Where are u going?

Come back early ya!

Here we come, Singapore! By car. =P

Camwhoring with Jeff's Pentax
Testing 123.

We reached! Tada, taken with my S95.

See, I miss my Rocker Look already. Hey, it's a rock concert tonight!

Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall

Here's my partner - Jeffrey!

Nice interior right?

The outside view is beautiful too!

So here comes a question...

Jeff: Since we still have 1 hour ++ before the concert, do you want to have dinner or photoshoot?
Me: Can't we have both? =3

So dreamy like that ...

But this is the real me, sorry to disappoint you. =P

Let's go for food, I'm hungry already.


100% indoor XD

Dinner time.
Eating in foodcourt. Cheapest place in the mall. LOL.

Mai Spaghetti!
Yum Yum...

How nice to bring along a photographer, Eating also got photo. LOL.
But, I still like to camwhore. It's a habit. LOL.
After dinner...
More pictures!

It's7pm, time for the showcase! But ... it's raining cats and dogs outside!
Avalon is located outside of the mall, which mean we need to go through a path without shelter to reach there!
Seems like there's no alternative for us, and we are running out of time. So ...
Let's run!!!

Redeemed the tickets! Please ignore our wet hair. Yuck!
Haha. Taking photo for the photographer.

Did I mention to you that Avalon is a club? :3
Look at the crowd.
Quickly go find a seat, but Jeff prefer to stand. =O
Know some new friends, Zanaa and her friend.

Camwhore ah camwhore, it's a long wait.
The organizer is so clever, they told us the time for doors open instead of the starting time of the concert.
So free that I actually take a picture to advertise my handmade ring. LOL
Finally, the showcase started. That's his guitarist, Marcus Wolf.

Deejays from Symphony 92.4 FM !

Here he comes, David Garrett!

For those who don't know David Garrett ...

He is the World's Fastest Violinist for Guinness World Record. =O
He really enjoy playing.

Recorded with my S95. There's full set recording for the showcase, but I'm too lazy to upload. =P

End of the showcase!

It's suppose to be a perfect and wonderful night, if I didn't met 2 horrible and un-gentleman-like guys.

The story begin like this:
  Those who is having the VIP stickers has the privilege to have a photography session with David Garrett! But sadly, we don't have it.

  So I was paying attention to the two guys sitting beside the bar, having the VIP stickers, but didn't move to the photography session venue. So Jeff ask me to approach them, because I'm a girl. LOL. Girls have more privilege is it?

So, the super shy girl decide to get the guts up to approach the guys, for the sake of the photo.

Me: Are you going to the photography session.
Guys: We don't have his CD. And we are lazy to go. Why ask so? Are you one of the staffs?
Me: No ...
Guys: You wanna take photo with David Garrett?
Me: Yes ...
Guys: Erm... How about you wait us here. We go in and take a look first and see whether we can pass you the sticker later...

So they left ...
Left us standing there, speechless ...
First time I met such KIASU guys!
They don't want to go in the first place, but end up going in because they don't want other people to take their place.
What the ... @#$%^&*(@#$%^&*

*Yes, you are guessing that I might keep cursing them all the way back right?*
*BINGO! You are right. That's the reason for 2 guys to appear together in a concert. Because they can't get girlfriends!!!*

*Oops, I'm Sorry, GOD...*

Waiting sillyly for their return for 10 mins. Stupid.
Bye bye Avalon!

  Since the night is still young, 9++ pm, we decide to take a walk in the mall...
Saw the bling bling shoes? O_O

Suddenly the photographer has a strange request ...

*How much I hope the one who went the concert with me, is the one who got me the tickets. =/*


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