Saturday, November 26, 2011

I want to BLOG!!!!

I want to BLOG!!!

I have so many things to SHARE!!!

 But I got NO TIME!!!!!!!

I'm TooooOOO buSY~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!

I just back from work.
And now have just completed my song editing stuffs.
And later I'm gonna rush for the I GOT TALENT competition held by my church group ...
Then Then Then... I have finish practicing my Dance! Die.

Oh So much thing is awaiting for me...
but why my pocket is still so empty...

A picture of Coco.
After my toe was bitten by her.

Coco: I'm a BAD Dog.

Yes I know But I still ❤ you.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Long Way Home @ I wanna see HOPE

Bekok, my parent's hometown. A peaceful small village.

My family and I used to spend our Chinese New Year with the our grandparents and the whole big family in this small wooden house.
Sky is always bluerer and grass is always greener at the village!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

David Garette Private Showcase in Singapore!

  For the first time in my lifetime, I won myself something from a lucky draw! It's a pair of  "David Garrett Private Showcase in Singapore" tickets. How excited is that!

   Actually I don't won it entirely by my own. I was asking for help from a friend who work in Singapore, and he is so kind to help me to SMS to the Singapore Radio Channel to grab a chance to win the tickets.

  2 days before the concert, I got no news from my friend. Sigh, as expected, I got no luck!
But still, I prayed to God, I told HIM how much I wanted to go for this concert... And ...
TADA! Here I am, at the concert! Got a SMS from my friend a day before the concert, that I have won the tickets! Thanks GOD!!!

  In disbelief, I immediately called my ex-bandmate AKA University friend Jeffrey whether he is free on the next day for the concert. His reply: I'm going to take half day leave for the concert! (He is a fan of orchestra concert!)
Anyway this is a Crossover(Mixture of Classical and Pop) Concert from David Garrett!