Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Old Leaf Taste Nicer

Girls are changing their mind, their favorite,
like every second ...
No matter on Food, Clothes, Make Up or Guys.

As for me,
There's not much changes about my taste on food.
I'm just crazily in love with sweet stuffs,
I need high sugar intake due to my low stamina and energy
and the constantly Mood Swing
And I hate coffee
that's why Chocolate, Cake and Ice Cream
are the alternatives to keep myself awake
and do things efficiently

Appreciation lunch for Glory Learning Centre, Full Gospel Church

Yogurt Ice Cream, J.C.O

How about the style?
I'm doing more casual and femine style recently
As I'm a young adult now!
Need to look more professional and mature
while most of the time I'm working and handling people.

But during my outing with friends and family
I still go back to my Japan Gyaru style...
And Kawaii look~
I just don't bear to leave my pinkish world of ribbon indulgence~

On the other hand, my taste of tea (as in Cup of Tea) is changing quite a lot
As I'm aging growing day by day
The "tea leaf" that I fancy of is getting older
I used to set my range of age between "1 year or 5 years" older than me
Now change to "more than 5 years " older than me.
So my sisters who is 8 years smaller than me
will comment:
"Why is he so old? He can be my father liaoooo~!"
Not that old la!

He doesn't need to look like Jung Yong Hwa or Jang Geun Suk or Kim Hyun Joong.
But at least look decent...
Hehe, I'm madly attracted to long leg.
So preferably at least 175cm and above
and Macho enough can already! =D
(OK I admit I'm in love with korean boys lor.
Because they are tall and fair!!! )

Jung Yong Hwa

Jang Geun Suk

Kim Hyun Joong

But most importantly... He have to
♥ Me
♥ My Family
Caring, thoughtful and mature with great musical sensitivity. =P

The reason why I prefer older man,
is because of their maturity, 
They have their own career
They are serious in relationship
And they make me feel more secure lor~
Watch too many korean drama
until I long for those 大叔 feel~
Sorry I love you 的大叔~几帅下

Quote from Mummy
"Har? You like him? So humble and honest one meh?
People won't like you one lar, you so hiao =___________= "
Now I'm doubting whether she is my biological Mother.
So Badddddddd ~~~~~~~~~!
hiao meh?

where got? XD


=) 阿门。


cH33_m31 said...

I want the icecream!!! <3

♥Hiroko-chan♥ said...

lol go JCO! @ jusco tebrau. Near your house nyyyyyyy!