Friday, September 2, 2011

❤ Heaven of Puff ❤ Puff Garden, Mount Austin

Accidentally step into this little puff heaven,
after I was informed that my karaoke session at LoudSpeaker being delayed for 1.30 hours due to FULL HOUSE! Ish.
Then I decided to have my lunch at this cute little garden cafe while waiting for my Karaoke session.


Looks like one of the Taiwanese Artist neh

The reason I''m here! Cheap combo set!

Not bad! My portion of rice. Might not enough for most of the guys =P

Choco Mint. My fav. Not too sweet, not too creamy. Yum!

Me ❤ Flowers.

My colleague insist me to play the piano.

Insist me to play this song.
Insist me to sing.
Of course I rejected. 
Pai seh one leh!
This explain the poor playing with lotsa Mistakes.
I can't memorize the melodies lah!

Preferably white piano.


Bye bye. Off to sing K!


Cutepetz said...

Wow! Thats a really cute place!! Where is it?!?! Got address?!?!

Follow your blog ^^ Check out mine too!!

♥Hiroko-chan♥ said...

Hiya, Check out their FB place.
It's at Tmn Mount Austin, Johor Bahru, Johor.

Yea, had checked out urs! Saw the cute plush Doll. Cyou Kawaii !!!!!

Follwed your blog too =D