Monday, August 15, 2011

WAF Camp "Be In" , EL Sanctuary Melaka.

You know what, I always have this TRAUMA about the camp thingy.
Due to some bad experience previously.
I'm not good in social, I scare to meet new people.
I'm sensitive, I'm insecure. But I always try to adapt myself to new environment. 
But things like I was being neglected and forgotten, always happened.

Eg. During the game, I was giving some suggestion but I'm being ignored. Fine. 
But some others giving the same idea as me afterward, it is accepted.
I will like WTF? Fine. I will just shut up.

Treated me as transparent, then accuse me for keeping silent all the time?
I ended up crying and asking for home. Like a baby, I know.
But I really had enough. For being treated like AIR.

I got low self-esteem. I don't talk loud while mixing in groups.
I'm shy and I'm afraid nobody response to my words. etc.
My sis said: 别人是有勇无谋,你是有谋无勇。

Ok. End of story.
What I want to say is, it really took me a lot of courage to decide to take part in this camp.
Firstly, I don't really know anyone in this camp, other than 2 or 3 persons.
Mummy try to persuade me, she didn't force me, 
but surprisingly, I'm willing to go.
Willing to overcome my trauma.

So here I come, Be In Camp, organized by Working Adult Fellowship, Full Gospel Church.
Camp site - EL Sanctuary, Melaka.
Was feeling so stressful and nervous the previous night.
Mum said: Just enjoy the time with God and take it as a vacation.
It's A really stressful vacation, for me.

Guitarist aka PA assistant - Wei Feng

Percussionist aka Camp Comm - Alex, Camp Comm aka my team member - Andrew

First day, As I expected, I was wishing Mum was there with me.
I know NO ONE. And NO ONE know me.
I was like headless fly, fly here and there.
I don't even know which table to join for lunch!
Argh. Feel the fear already.

Our group "Unity" 's name tag!

As you can see, We really united lor. Our name separated on 2 different card. We are always together!

My name tag share with Andrew one.

And we WON the creativity contest with our United Spirit! Wohoo!


I think God answered my prayer.
The situation become smoother and smoother when I get to know my Group members, and room mates.
And they listen to me, they never treat me as EXTRA or TRANSPARENT.
I was delighted. And really enjoy the games and courses.
With my Teammates. Unity is the BEST!
It's been a long time since I get to feel the power of Teamwork.
I've been alone for quite some time ... =/

My tree house.

I had trouble to find my house and to reach it. I'm short of direction sense + stamina and fear of height.

My roomate. First question she asked me: the room very nice meh, Why u took so many Pictures!

Although it's quite old and not so hygiene (insects everywhere), but I think the style looks quite OK one.

Floral Series ma...

Never forget to camwhore.

I bring my Tralala along. If she can talk, she will complained why I bring her to ULU ULU place. Need to climb somemore.

Thanks to GOD, although there's no Air con, But we have Heater!

And there're no insect Kacau me during the night. I can sleep tightly =)

Saw that transparent leaf?

Owner's baby. So cute that everyone fight to hug him lor!

Every meal is so Delicious that we almost forget that we are actually in a "jungle". LOL.

Golden Retriever!

So we had our art class. Make something that represent you.

This is me.

Why I describe myself as a dog?

Not because only that I love dog. I think dog is loyal, simple, compassionate and loving.

I wanted to be simple, i hate meeting complex people. I wanted to be loved, and I wanted to Love. No betrayal.

Next day Breakfast: The living area might not be tat comfy, But the food definitely is EXCELLENT.

Sweet banana sauce on pancake.

Our cute Psalmist, Cammy.

Jesus's Tomb. Used only 3 days. Because he had came back alive.

Still got new tomb smell leh. Wanna buy not?

That fried thingy is not fishball...

Is goreng pisang! Never seen such cute Goreng Pisang before leh...

Group photo. I remembered somebody said "Compact Camera Siammmm~~~" of course in a joking way la. Because there are too many compact cameras packed beside the big DSLR camera. LOL.

 I wanna prove you my compact is not that COMPACT ! Hahaha! Produce DSLR quality under low light condition without FLASH! XD

Outdoor Shooting!

Big Tummy Team =P

The Men.
We are UNITY!


Pattern 多过Badminton!

Guess who's pigu is that?

Im not piglet. Im doggy. Lol.

Last day.

Our team leader aka Best Male Artist = Chen Zhong

I thought we are losing. But we got the best drama, best male artist, best new artist. Then?

We are the champion! OMG! =D

Anyway, Great Experience,
Although I still feel stressful meeting new people... Boo...!
So is there a breakthrough in friendship, fellowship and "relationship" ?
I think I wish to know him more...
Know him before the camp, but somehow being with him makes my heart thump "alittle" faster.
Anyway I'm leaving here soon, just need to suppress the feeling and move on  ... to KL.
He won't fall for little girl like me anyway ... Haha.
Else I might consider to try to like MAJOR key more.
But I won't give up my MINOR key!
Hehe, I know you don't understand. Never mind. =P


Justine said...

eh their son is super handsomeeeeeeeeee! i went here before as well :p

♥Hiroko-chan♥ said...

wah... why so many ppl admire him... u wanna wait him grop up ma ...
eh u went there ah. for wat purpose? how do u think?