Friday, July 15, 2011

†I'm Reborn.The Baptism.†

Today is the day. 26/6/2011, 
the day my sis, Yiling and I reborn.
The day we are going to be baptized, and become dear Father Lord's children.
It was a  wonderful experience. The camp, the talk, the course, and the ceremony.

When we just arrived. Change into white robe.
With Aunt Joanne. Pretty lady.

Us, camwhore like MAD.

In front of the Church Hall.

With Le Shi. She looks so small and cute!

Sis with her friend.

Wah. I look like those disciple of Jesus. So yeng.

Yiling with Kenneth.

With Church members.

Us again.

In the crowd of angels.

Candid shot! Look at my Chipmunk face and Yiling "Em?" face when we got the flowers.
I look like a background.

So have to squeeze to the front.

Taking group photo.

You have to stand at the front only can see you! It's a group photo!

Cheese! How nice.

With dearest Mummy. Although she is not good with Camera =P But she take most of the shots =D

Our dearest sis, who was baptized last year. OMG She is older than us!

My best friend, Chee Mei came over! So touched.
The ceremony is going to start!

Sis MeiKee

Sis with her Friend.

With our DEAREST Grandpa.

Our auntie and uncle, who is not yet a Christian. They came! How touched.

Our Earth father. Who dote us not lesser than the Heaven Father.

3 of us again lar.

Mummy ~~~

My besties came to support me! None of them is Christian. But I hope I can spread God's love to them too. Pray for them everyday =)

Camwhore with my camera when I'm not around. But quite cute one. Both round round face =P

Taken with my W705. Before the ceremony.

That's the pool. So pretty right?

Me go first. First thought when I get into water, OMG is this below 0 Celcius? It's freaking cold! And yes, when I got up from the water, I'm frozen like an ICE.

Photo taken by Church. We redeem it after returning the white robe.
If you wonder how does a baptism looks like, this is the vid! My sister's one.
First listen to the crowd cheering for you(depends on how many supporters you have XD),
smile and look at the camera (take photo), 
then Pastors will pray for you, then soak into the water. 

My sister was mocking at me when looking how panic I was during the soaking ceremony. 
Water is getting into my nose, and yet, I'm a swimmer!
I'm not afraid of water, I just freaked out by the super low temperature water alright?
Super scared of coldness. > <'''

After the ceremony. My hair is still wet!

Lotsa flowers.

Family photo. Our size don't seem logical at all. Are my parents shrunken?

With Papa Mama's CG members. They gave us present too!

I love flowers. LOL.

Papa is super happy one.

He can't stop smiling.

Yiling with her CG member.

Me with my CG members. Although most of them are not here.

Camwhore Session
Once in a life time OK ...

Super Cute lor! No Fish Eye effect I swear. Is the magic hand of my sis. LOL!

Eh I like this one. But the hair... ehm... still wet....

Now only I know I love sunflower than roses! Cuz it's only ONE. I mean you can't put too many sunflower in a flower bouquet right? So it will be quite special for being the ONLY ONE. =)

Prayer for her before she left for her studies.

Then we went back home and compare our present lor. This is Yiling's one.

Mine one. She won. Lol.

The end of the day. Such a wonderful day. =)

Do you believe in miracle? Yes I believe God is the one who create miracle.
Here is the story:
I was so nervous to invite my grandpa to witness my ceremony. 
He's anti Christian.
I called him. And he didn't want to go. I beg him and try to persuade him to go.
But he scold me instead and we argue and quarrel.
I end up crying and he hanged up on me. =(
I was expecting that we gonna have a cold war for a week or so...
But end up, he appeared at the ceremony! I was soooooOOOO Surprised!
Bringing auntie and uncle along!
Because ya know, they were so stubborn, and they appeared!
If it's not miracle, what is it?

Flower given by my CG member. The representative: Desmond. Haha.

At here, I wanna thanks everyone who've been taking care of me.
Especially my family. I'm grateful that I had a Christian family.
So that we won't have conflict with the Different Religion issues.
And thanks Papa Mama for bringing me to Jesus.
The Great God.
Thanks for the presents and everyone who attended my ceremony!
(Chee Mei, Su Fung, KaiYing, Jing Shin.)
Thanks Pastor and all the sisters and brothers who help to host this ceremony.

I'm a new Born baby! Muahahaha

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