Thursday, July 7, 2011

♥7 July 2011♥ The story of Chicken Little

♥7 July 2011♥ The story of Chicken Little

I was facing BAG HUNGER recently!
So I drag my pretty dear friend Su Fung to KSL to find my destined bag~!

Before departing.

Grab some food while shopping.

Seriously, Pasar Malam's one taste better =(

Su Fung.

Watching pretty girl enjoy eating, I also enjoy watching la. XD

After 4hours we got nothing other than You Tiao and Soya Bean... LOL

Camwhore using people's mirror =P

What's on me: Chicken Little Tee, Bag - KSL, Long Sweater - IceBlingBling.
What's on me: Wedges, Skort -Taiwan.

Back to home @ 6pm.

My Chicken Little is suffocated~
He is free~!
Seriously I love this Tee to an extent which I dunno how to describe~
You dare to say he is not cute? I beat you I tell you~

Randomly pick up a flower and plant it on my hair~

Playing with my new Braid Headband~
Bohemian Style~
There are so many ways to use to deco your hair~
I'm selling it, tell me if you want one! XD

♥End of the Day♥

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