Friday, June 17, 2011

New Blog Title, New me

I come up with this new blog title 
after coming back from first day of my baptism camp.
The camp inspired me about this new title.
Since I always wanted to be a pianist, I can be a pianist when I'm in heaven too.
Imagine how beautiful will that be...
Surrounding with angels and holy voices ...
I'm going to lead a new life, with Jesus.
I'm going to reborn and become a new person.
Old Jiayi has gone.
New Jiayi is going to lead a spiritual and fruitfulness new life.
Walking with God.
No more pain, no more struggle, no more hatred. 

God, you will healed my wound and hurt.
Nightmare will stay away from me.
I will let go all the hatred, the unforgiveness,
and rest in your embrace, Father Lord.
I will lay my trouble and burden on your hand.
Peace and happiness is what you give me.
I will forgive those who hurt me.
Those who betray,
Those who saying harmful words to my face, or at my back,
Those who abandon and leave me.
I will love them, and God will bless them.

I'm grateful to those who love me,
those who being with me all these time,
no matter up or down,

You always be my side,support me,
I appreciate it, A LOT!
Yea, I mean you,
it's YOU! =)

I pray that GOD will continue looking after the people around me, my friends, my family,
and I will keep sending God's love to those I love.
In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

So if I'm speaking Jesus to you, that means I really care about you, trust me.
I love Jesus, and Jesus love me.
and Jesus love you! ❤

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