Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Make Up review/Fashion Diary/Outing. Tired post =.=

This iz the 1st Make up review I had.
Reasons: 1)Lazy. 2)Me make up noobie.
So Just do this for FUN!
It's also my "once in a decade" applying eye shadow!
Reasons: It's troublesome. It is not obvious, doesn't do much for the overall make up. I easily make my eyes look like just being beaten up. (0__0)
But yeah. I'm doing it, purely for fun. LOL. Still not willing to apply the eyeliner.
Hell yeah it's so troublesome to apply, and to REMOVE!!!
I almost looks like a nanny whose eyes are full with wrinkle(After rubbing so hard to get rid of the black liquid)
while I trying so hard to remove the stupid eyeliner
and yet, I still look like a panda.

This is what we called: Without MAKE Up. A real one. Not those still with "Enlargement Lens"on punya cheat-without-make-up-photo. But got touch up abit la. Else later u heart attack. Frightened. LOL.

So today, I'm using my usual foundation powder + blusher + Lipstick + mascara(rare guest too) + My new FAV eyebrow mascara.
Left: Kate eyeshadow, Kiss me Mascara, Eyebrow Mascara, Lip and Cheek Tint,Fasio Make up remover.         Below:I-enhancer Contact lens.
Today main lead is, TADA!
Eyebrow mascara.
I instantly fall in love with the it after the first try with Heavy Rotation eyebrow mascara.
So I bought this little cute thing from Naris Up, Brows Up eyebrow Mascara, From Taiwan!
I get the lightest shade because I wanna create the Japanese Gyaru Feel~ Hoho.
And it's not easy to apply. 
I'm not sure whether is my skill problem or...
I hardly can apply it on my "eyebrow", I applied on my "skin" instead!
So you can see that my eyebrow is not totally bleached. T_T


But I still heart it to the max.
As u can see, My eyebrow is so THIN!
And I used to make myself looks like a Shin-Chan with eyebrow pencil.
Yea. I suck at eye makeup. 
But this eyebrow mascara easily gives me a natural eyebrow shape! ♥

Kiss Me HEROINE MAKE volume and curl mascara
Got it in Taiwan too.
Never gonna repurchase it again.
I became panda after 2 hours.
And so hard to remove afterward too!
The eyelashes shape didn't come out as nice as I thought too =(

The Face Shop lip and cheek tint also do me a great favor!
It's really convenient for a lazy bum like me.
Finish up my lip and cheek make up in a tube.

What I wore today?
I'm not intentionally to become a LOLITA.
But the top makes me look like one.
But I know I'm not a LOLITA type. T_T
Not kawaii enough.
But here you go, Lolita Top + Pink Tutu Skirt from Taiwan(SUPER HEART TIS!!!!)

After tat, hang out with my besties Chee Mei,
Singing Karaoke and had super delicious cakes as high tea.
And Camwhoring!
Continue Camwhoring LOL




  ♥ ~END~♥


cH33_m31 said...

haha!!so cute! I shud have a review of my makeup too!haha~ I like to make up recently ler..duno why,it's not only to hide my ugliness but im really enjoying it!haha~I love hanging out with u too~let's do it often!

LauraLeia said...

You're really pretty! :) And your makeup looks very natural. Love your outfit; it's not that very lolita-ish, just nice for going out. ^^

♥Hiroko-chan♥ said...

Thanks ! ^^
I suck at make up.
especially eyeliner.
So u seldom can see me with eyeliner! Haha. I might bcome a panda!

Yea. But seldom can wear that kind of outfit, cuz my sisters might think im overdress! LOL. Lolita effect XD

yvonnexox said...

Hi, I'm thinking of getting an eyebrow mascara. Could you help me decide which brand is better? Heavy Rotation or Naris Up? Thanks! :D

♥Hiroko-chan♥ said...

Where is your location?
I'm located at Msia, I can't find Naris at here but I got it @ Taiwan.
Naris is not bad, and I heard a lot of good review for Heavy Rotation. My heavy rotation still keep in storage, wait my naris to finish up first =)