Sunday, June 5, 2011

Converse Warehouse Sale

I saw this banner about the Converse warehouse sales somewhere near my neighbourhood,
I immediately grab my cell group member to this warehouse sales!

Arrived @ 7.50pm on the 1st day.
We were startled looking at the big crowd in front of the warehouse!
I wonder why there are so many peoples are wandering outside.


Then I found out that NOBODY is allowed to entering ANYMORE?!
It's because that they will be closing the shop @ 9pm and currently there're around 200,300 peoples inside. LOL!

Can exit, cannot enter.

Awww, so disappointed.
Decided to come the next day lor...What to do...

Then we went for supper/dinner @ the Seafood village nearby.
Wah Eat seafood so rich meh?
Nop, we eat nasi lemak. =___=

"Kepala" Juice. No la, is coconut juice.
Nasi lemak.
My milo.
Did I mentioned, "My" Milo...

Nice scenery. Heard that It's S'pore, our neighbour country, at the other side.

SO SAD that we have made a wasted trip...
Gonna try our luck the next day!

So we went @ 11.30am the next morning.
Still crowded with people! OMG.


SUPER Cheap! No wonder so many peoples.
Manage to get a pair of boots for myself.
Love it cause it's made with leather! ♥

Guess the price? 
Will announce it if there are more than 5 people ask for it! =P

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