Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rainy May

Heavy rain pouring outside, and I still have to work.
Play around with my S95 to calm my mood... while driving 
(Kids please dont learn! Jiejie is experienced! =X)

♪Rain drops are falling on my head♪
♪They keep falling♪

3 May 2011
Kinda ❤ my outfit today.
Although my bottom looks bulky =X
*Sorry for the dirty mirror. Oops.*

❤ This angle wei
My fingers look so NAIS ~ ~ ~

4 May 2011

Oh yea, I cleaned the mirror! Ya, I admit, same pant. lol.

Love taking photo with this angle. Syok.
The bag Ima using now. My old bag finally break down after heavy use by me. FYI, this bag provided by my Mum, which got more compliment than any bags of mine. What so good about this square black box? T_T
This little pink monster very Q hor? Given by my little sis. A little Deco on this dull bag only match my style ma... lol.

Recent Food I ate:
*Reader: Like this oso Can? No other topic to write liao meh?* 
*JY: Seriously, No wor!! Actually just wanna show off my S95 only =X*

Super heavy lunch during Alpha outing at FGC Church. I heart it.

Lonely dinner @ Johnny restaurant with my fav pineapple fried rice. But where is my Yam Ice Cream? T_T
My bottle. Q leh! Like me what. =X Ok la, I know there's lotsa ppl carry the same bottle as mine. Bobian, it's on SALE. Blame me who out of cash.

GOnna update more frequently! Pls support. KThxBye.


yh said...

Change bag finally XD

♥Hiroko-chan♥ said...

Lol. Forced to. You remind me of the bag I ordered online. The parcel LOST! and now the stupid seller still got mood to go travel and left me waiting here. Curseeeeeeeeeeeeeee ><

yh said...

o.o scam!