Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rio 2011

The very "first" Movie trip with Mummy along!
I think Madagascar 1 is the last movie we watched together... LOL

Fully prepared!

(师奶本色=X)In the end we still eat popcorn more than the snacks XD

See Toh Xiao Mui camwhoring~

Rio is a place, not the bird's name. LOL.

 The story is roughly about:

It's all about BIRD. Yea. All type of colors and size and shape.
A bird that can't fly. Correction: Bird that don't know how to fly.
Love story.

Friendship between pet and owner.
Very sweet indeed.

Main villain. A very ugly bird, who was a superstar then ditched by the entertainment field then become bad bird.

Monkey king with gold belt on its waist. Lol. Robber. Use Iphone as Vibrator/Massager.
Drooling dog who can dance very WELL.

Overall, it's a very Colorful Movie.
Red, blue, yellow, green, orange ...
Named it whatever color your want!
This movie is NOT childish.
I love watching Cartoon. It kinda remind me of the innocent and worry free childhood.
You can hardly find another person who laugh and cry along with the flow of a cartoon... which is me.
It's a cartoon afterall.


4 Za Bo.

4 LengLui.

Oho. Imitation failed.

This one look OK gua. I wanna watch this movie!

It's me! Lace graphical dress with sandals.

Mum & Jun.

Lucky draw. I want Ipad, Iphone also can la, I don't mind. Lol,

Manage to capture this picture in rush while going down from the escalator.

After that we went for the "famous" abalone kuey teow somewhere near my place,
阿芳粿条@ Jln Teratai, Tmn Johor Jaya.

Lunch with Grandpa.
Big prawn and abalone.

Mine: lotsa pork ball. I allergic to seafood, that's why my prawn is replaced. But where is my Abalone HAR?!


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