Monday, May 30, 2011

集点换购活动 Gift Redemption Programme

I was so Crazy in love with Gift Redemption Programme recently, Seems like I can get some sense of achievement and satisfaction from it. LOL.

上个月,逛THE STORE 时不小心瞄到一只摆在摊子上的喵喵,好像要集不懂多少个点就能以Rm1.90 换购了。
When I was shopping at THE STORE last month, a KITTY caught my attention. I need to accumulate points to get it with RM1.90.

调查了一下,要25点,一点30元。( = o = )'''
Rm30 x 25 = 750大元。我的上帝。
So, it need a total of 25 points, You have to spend Rm30 for each point.
Means total you have to spent RM750, O.M.G.
There's bonus stamp for purchasing certain item too.

So I just drag my family and buy whatever we need (or no need) at THE STORE.
(We usually shop at GIANT, cheapest supermarket in town.)
But I just manage to get 3,4 points...

In the end, I give up my pride, waiting in front of the cashier, and ask from the gor gor jie jie,
whether they need the stamp, if don't want then give me lor thankyou.
Manage to collect 14 stamps.
Feel strength-less already.
My face very thin one OK?
Such a big challenge for me, I need LOTSA courage to do this kind of thing. LOL.
Decided to give up =(

所以4天的行程,我告诉同行的林佩宜, “我们3餐都吃7-eleven好不好?”
到最后,当然是遭他白眼咯....   ( 。__ 。)
Who knows, There's a same kind of programme held @ 7-Eleven in Taiwan!
We need to collect 10 stamps, cost 66 TWD each, to redeem a Doraemon Fan! This one is easier.
So I suggest to Lim Pui Yee:
"Dear, we had our all 3 meal @ 7-Eleven Ok?"
Of course she rejected me. T_T

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wear pretty without costing a bomb, sales item!

I am writing this post while waiting to book my bangkok trip with AirAsia Rm 0.10 SALE!
It's the 6th hour. Lolx.

Super HOT red sandal, From Vincci. It's on Sale! Rm20++ only!!

In love with Little Chicken @ First Sight. Rm20 from KSL Shopping Mall.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Toast

Recently, there's a very HOT cafe around my living area, Tmn Johor Jaya,
The Toast desu!

Since the grand opening, the cafe is crowded of people everyday. 
What so attractive about it?
Out of curiosity, I went to check it out with my family, 

(I realized that I forgot to take the photo of the sign bord. =_=)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rio 2011

The very "first" Movie trip with Mummy along!
I think Madagascar 1 is the last movie we watched together... LOL

Fully prepared!

(师奶本色=X)In the end we still eat popcorn more than the snacks XD

See Toh Xiao Mui camwhoring~

Rio is a place, not the bird's name. LOL.

 The story is roughly about:

Rainy May

Heavy rain pouring outside, and I still have to work.
Play around with my S95 to calm my mood... while driving 
(Kids please dont learn! Jiejie is experienced! =X)

♪Rain drops are falling on my head♪
♪They keep falling♪

3 May 2011
Kinda ❤ my outfit today.
Although my bottom looks bulky =X
*Sorry for the dirty mirror. Oops.*

❤ This angle wei
My fingers look so NAIS ~ ~ ~

4 May 2011

Oh yea, I cleaned the mirror! Ya, I admit, same pant. lol.

Love taking photo with this angle. Syok.
The bag Ima using now. My old bag finally break down after heavy use by me. FYI, this bag provided by my Mum, which got more compliment than any bags of mine. What so good about this square black box? T_T
This little pink monster very Q hor? Given by my little sis. A little Deco on this dull bag only match my style ma... lol.

Recent Food I ate: