Thursday, March 10, 2011

Randomz March

The first thing that comes to my mind when I open my blog,
"Walau, this song damn Emo one ... (first song played in my blog: B Rossette)"
"But I liked it. The violin so damn Nice! I always wanted to learn violin."
"I'm forbidden to learn it since secondary school. Cuz I have to focus on Piano!"

Ok. I feel so Random now. I wanted to talk something random here.
Just Randomz!

Recently I totally addicted to sugar!
A day without sugar intake cause me low spirit, low energy, low mood, whatever also Low.
== Sienz.
Actually since years ago this symptoms happened already.
Just tat recently it happened more frequently, it's actually EVERYDAY!
I have to at least eat a piece of chocolate, ice cream, cake, milk tea, anything is SWEET...
to Lift up my spirit. T____________T
I know is bad for health. But feeling down also bad for health eh.
Now, I need more cakes ><
Huge Chocolate Fountain. Are you kidding me?
I'm in Heaven.

Ok. What am I doing lately?
Well, as usual. Giving piano lessons.
Many still doesn't know this future-gonna-be-software-engineer is currently a piano teacher.
See my cute cute students.

Anyway, Flexible job with low pay.
Monthly Pay (+ some extra part time job) - car loan - own piano intensive class = Rm100.
Rm 100 include my food, necessities, luxuries...
Everything! In RM100.
Well, at least I no need to pay rental.
But no new clothes, no expensive food, no gadget, no cosmetic...
Life without shopping T_____________________T
Somemore, my blogshop business is so COLD~~~ *Ha cheeEEW~~~!*

So basically the present I ask from my family will be~
"Mum Dad, Please buy me my hair curler refiner and gel~"
I don't want my rm500 went down the drain.
But Redken Products are super expensive OK!
"Ah Mui ah, buy Jiejie a bottle, last time that one went oversea liao~"
"Ah Mui, buy card reader for me? Eh nono, buy FM modulator for my Mico... eh Wait wait~..."
I didn't hope for a bunch of roses or diamond for my birthday pun =|
It's so not romantic lor T_T

Oh did I told you there's something happened that cause my EXTREMEly Low mood recently?
As expected Scholarship provider called me back 8 months after my graduation.
It's not a shocking news as it is always within my expectation.
But just, there're unknown terrify and anxiousness slowly swallow me up.
I have been feeling confused and worry about the uncertainty of my future.
I wanna walk my way, but I have the bond with the company.
And they didn't come to me, for such a LONG time.
I can't walk to my own career, at the same time, I have to be alert that the company will come to me ANYTIME.
I think it's the time to end my misery struggle.
I shouldn't escape at the first time.
Just like what Pastor told me:
"When people did it, doesn't mean you have to do it too."
"The thing you did makes you lose your integrity."
I startled. I always wanna be a good girl.
My selfishness blind me.
I should fulfill the contract.
Although I still praying to God,
"Place me at JB."
Even there's only 0.1% of chance, I wanna try,
because God creates MIRACLE.
There are so many things I wanted to do now.

Next week I'm going for the interview.
God bless me.

Just not long time ago,
I've upgraded to become a MUMMY?
Mummy of 2 "girls".
Well, is actually 2 "Bitches".
Taking care of them is not easy.
You try la, every morning first thing to do is,
Open your gate, shout at the girls
"Shut up!!!! Want me to cane you is it?"
Oops, that's a little violent.
Who ask them to be geibo and bark at everyone they saw.
Think in a good way,
They are very good Alarm.
I'm soon going to be A-du (阿杜)
(Famous singer who said his voice is trained by shouting at the dogs =.=''')

Whenever I felt down or happy, I will tell them.
"Coco, you knoooow what, he CALLED! I'm SooooOOO Happy!"
Lift her up and turn for few rounds until she puke =P
"Coco, I'm so down now..."
Hug Coco tight tight until she can't breath~
Or hug YangYang like a baby doll~
I can't imagine days without them~

See! My Mummy Daddy officially a member of FaceBook!
In leh~ Lolx
Such a noble mission to train them to play FaceBook eh~

Add On:
I'm single and super available! Boo.

My phone doesn't ring much.
I seldom use it too.
Cuz the someone's call that I wish to get,
Didn't call.
And the one I ask to not call me again, keep calling.
What's going on?
Very Pekcek lor.
Make people angry only. Haih.

That's all for now.

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