Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 Wish List =Full of ♥♥♥=

Now I realised My birthday is One week Away~
Aw... I seriously don't want to get Older...
I'm going to be 22 Man!
I wanna stay 18, Can ah?

Ext DVD Driver
~Same with my last year wish list.
~Seriously think it's not worth for it's high price.
~But what to do, I bought a Hot Red Slim Dell laptop WITHOUT dvd driver.
~I need to format my computer. WTH. I've used the corrupted system for more than half year.
With blue screen of death appear more than 50 times i guess. I just too lazy to get it formatted by using USB. T_T

Rabbit Pendrive Collection 8GB
~OMG. This is so cute. Finally Kingston come out sumthing decent.
~Since the rat year, I didn't continue collecting the limited series of Kingston.
Cuz the tiger and cow series is way too Awful T________T
~I got 4gb pendrives for my family. But me myself using 2Gb? Lol, I want a 8GB!

~Girls can't get enough of flats.
~I need to replace my only ONE old flats.
~Which I liked it Alots but I don't think it can tahan for long liao~ =(

~Omo, now I realised I don't have a sport shoe, Don't have a decent sneaker either.
~Ok, don't remind me how long I didn't work out on my body.
~At least I need a pair of shoes for dance lesson lol~

~More than 3 persons commented that I should change my bag.
~Cuz it seriously contributed a lot in my life LOL
~And it's handle is almost broken, since half year ago.
~It is long life.
~But to look more appropriate, I should get a new one. =P
(Lame excuse to get a new bag)

Car loan for XiaoYing aka Mico aka Little Silver
~ERM, Rm 300++ Per month. Wanna sponsor me? =D I will give you a trip

Accessories for Mico
~I'm so sorry for her. No new dress, no make up, no eyelashes~
~I swear I will give you a totally make over after I earn some money k? =(

And More Money~~~~~

Have you realized that I'm more realistic than the last-time-Dreamy-me?
Aih~ Is like that one lar... No money no life =P

But I'm full of LOVE =D
Love from GOD, from family, from friends...
But now I'm already graduated, can't have bunch of friends celebrating for me anymore,
kinda sad a bit.
Never mind lar~ I still got some besties over here to have a nice tea party v me ...

Birthday wish:
- To get a nice job. =)
- To get a good bf aka future husband. (very very hard ah...)
- To have stable income.
- To enjoyed every happy n blessful moment with my family.
- To have wisdom to communicate n help my family (Especially my dear sistersss)
- To slim down without cutting my meal! >< - Lotsa from the one surrounding me.
- To give to the one surrounding me.
- Last but not least, More from GOD and of course I will HIM more~~~!

I admit 22-years-old-Me haven't get rid of the dreamy me~ Ngek.
Wanna be a 22 years old princess nyaaaaaaa~


Haven't finish yet!
Yea a self created birthday card for myself~ Weeeeeeee~!

% - THE END - %

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ultrawan88 said...

My Sis birthday is near adi!!