Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shopaholic's Diary: KSL City Shopping Mall

there's a new shopping mall opened in our boring Johor Bahru town!!!
Let's welcome KSL City Shopping Mall!
which located exactly opposite of our old Holiday Plaza.
Big contrast eh? Unfair to the old building lar ... =P

Well, I've do a lot of research on this shopping mall before I go.
There's some special info that I got from the forum,
which the most popular topic is about it's super lame carpark design and unorganized shop lot design.
I will show you how "lame" the carpark is in the picture below.

Other than that, A lot of shoppers commented that our so called"5 star shopping mall" turn out to be a 1 star budget shopping mall centre, which is lower standard than Jusco Tebrau City.
Lol. Never mind, I will find it out for you.

I went there one week after it's grand opening.
The shopping mall still crowded with people on weekdays.
Pictures will tell the story =)

Nice interior.