Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Super Barbie Nudy Series


After a long time, I decided to purchase another brand of Korea contact lens...
Finally I got my Super Barbie Nudy Black! It was out of stock every where last few months...

Nah... Here's the result...

*Please ignore my one big one small eyes ><''' *

Well, the first time experience is not that pleasant... Aiks
The second i put on it, I already feel the uneasiness in my eyes.
And the vision got blocked a little by the pattern of the lens.

*messy hair*

The lens is 16mm(BIG) and it's a bit hard to adjust it to fit my pupil perfectly ... LOL
And my vision got blur and dry sometimes, My eyes are kinda sensitive one =P
My eyes turn red after 5 hours of wearing... ><

*Without make up ohoho*

Overall the effect is quite natural, consider it's a 16mm black lens...
Hopefully my 2nd experience will be better... =)

Quote of the day: When I get bored with the common topic we had, Or maybe we just don't have common topic.

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