Friday, December 10, 2010

Interesting blogger

Xiaxue n Cheesie.
I guess lotsa young girls know these 2 famous blogger right?

Recently I just keep reading their blog... (Perhaps I'm really too free ... n BORED lol)
Ok la, I admit I'm outdated.

One of the reason that I'm a follower of their blogs, is the Frequent Updates,
to KILL my BOREDOM! ~( ̄3 ̄)~
There's lesser n lesser things that I can find to do when I'm facing my lappy.
Aiks... Emo sial. I used to stick with my lappy 20 hours per day.

Anyway, back to topic.
Xiaxue always write interesting topic.
Including some straightforward and Not-Tat-Polite post which I do not fancy much.
Anyway, recently I'm enjoying her post about Rapunzel's movie trip.
And I'm very envious of her photoshoping skill as well! Haha~
She makes me wanna learn photoshop wei.
Lotsa nice pictures can be created.

The magic of Photoshop

Compare with Xiaxue, Cheesie's appeared to be more favorable to me.
I love her fashion blog!
Winter n autumn themes clothes n accessories, my FAVOURITE!!!
And she looks so nice on them, like Japanese!!!
Those furry balls n furry clothes, O.M.G …(⊙_⊙;)
I love them so much but I couldn't imagine that I wore it in this hot weather country T.T

And I thought Cheesie keep changing her hairstyle to suit different looks!
So is the Wig effect!!
I so want a wig now~!
I'm so sick of my flat little hair =/
I wanna it to be more puffy! argh~
But i scared later the wig hurt my scalp lol
So sad lar >< href="">

And who can tell me, how to not hurt and age your skin n apply perfect make up?
I still sucks in applying eyeliner.
But I'm pretty sure that eyeliner makes you look different, better in some way.
The point is, how to remove it without dragging n aging the skin area around your eyes?
There's alot of suffering when I try to remove my eye make up \(╯-╰)/
And my first experience of sticking falsies, is FAILED!!! wuwuwu~ (>﹏<)
Ah don't laugh at me please ='(

aiyo aiyo~
lotsa complaints har?
So sien to love pretty lor XD
~ ╭(′▽`)╭(′▽`)╯ ~

You can find my links to Cheeserland and Xiaxue's blog in my link list
you don't know them =D

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