Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I cookED! Lolx

Yea, I prepare a not-too-grand-but-not-too-bad dinner for my family...
I don't why such a sudden, I just wanna Cook Lor...
Don't ask me why.
And those who knows me, *Cough cough*
I'm not really good at cooking...
Tikam here n there...
Pour this here add this there~
But no worry, no Bad Record YET.
hehehe. As in, my food still edible lar~

Still not too bad right?
~Proud of myself ~ ehehehe

My beloved Xiao Bai Chai~~~~~~我不能没有他 XD

Home made Pork Ball
I have to say, this is my 1st~~~~
I forgot to add in the seasoning T___T noob me

Most simple n delicious Steam Taufu

Tired me, after all the cooking n cleaning job >< (Panda look)

My Bun hair! have u heard of hai mian bao bao? hehe~ Curi my sister ribbon to take this pic~
(The bun is real hair of mine! Just that's the gold hair that haven't off color =P)

Just finished editing my Preorder post, if you are interested in Pre-order Japanese style Winter Bag, please go here ,
soon will upload on Iceblingbling =)

Good nite, peepz~ Love ya~ ^^

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