Saturday, December 25, 2010

Could you be more helpful?

Could you be more helpful on ruining my xmas mood?

I gave you time, I gave you chances, because I thought you could work something out?
Sometimes I wish you could just shut up instead of spouting some bullshit that didn't helping at all.
You're just being silly and childish all the time.

What's the purpose of keep telling me the things that you couldn't do and being upset about it?
Am I not upset enough?

Why can't you be more mature and say something useful to me to make me feel better, when I miss you.
When I wish to receive some reply from you, what you said made me regret instantly.

"I can't do it."
Please, there's not necessary to repeat it again and again.
It's frustrating.
I know you can't do it.

Sometimes I wonder, why did I made that decision at that time.
Why must you made me hate you?

Oh yea. You must be lonely enough. I can't blame you for finding more FRIENDs and teasing them in the way, that i'm so familiar with. erm...

I don't have the time for being upset.
I had enough.
I had enough with all you bullshit n promises.
You are nothing different with others.
And seriously, You're getting on my nerves.
Anyway, I'm leaving soon.
Totally give up on hope.

Lastly, You're such an idiot.

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