Monday, October 11, 2010

It's not that easy 没那么简单

我想一个人 静静地离开 到一个好远的地方去
不管生活多苦多难 是好是坏 都是自己的选择
我自私 我不想背负责任 不想背负期望
我只想 没有压力 没有谴责 没有牵累别人地过日子
I wanna leave. far away from here.
No matter how tough the life will be
Good or Bad
is my own choice.
I'm selfish.
I don't wanna bear any responsibility or hope
I wanna be free
free from any condemnation and pressure
and free from became somebody's burden.

I'm a loser
As if every decision of mine is wrong
Because it's like I've denied by the whole world
especially my closest family

因为这个世界 不只有我们2个人
做夹心人的我 身心疲惫
被否定的当儿 我无法反驳
因为 他们说的都是对的
也许 嫁户好人家

The relationship that's not blessed by others
is tough to maintain
That's not only 2 of us in this world
Being a middle man is exhausting.
I can't retort when my statement is denied.
Because they are correct.
They just want me to marry a good guy,
and it will be their greatest pleasure.

我要的生活 被认为没有前途
让自己能够开心地工作 却也能存钱制造美好的将来
老大不小了没给家用 还白吃白住
我也很烦恼 我也很愧疚 我也很自责
The life that I wanted
it means no future, to them
I want a perfect life plan
I wish to happily work and save plenty of money for my future as well
I know I'm selfish
Still being a freeloader when I'm such a BIG gal now.
I'm guilty I'm troubled
But there's no way I can found as a perfect plan for me

背负着责任和谴责 让我很无助 很彷徨
好辛苦 好难过
The responsibility The condemnation
Really exhaust me
The sorrow The depress

金钱上的 人情上的
独自一个人 远走高飞
不再当别人的负担 别在为别人而活
I wish that I can clear off all the debt
money debt ... debt of gratitude
I wanna leave
somewhere far from here
I don't wanna be somebody's burden
or live for somebody anymore

is hard

1 comment:

ultrawan88 said...


At first your hand made you worry, =(
Just keep it and make you happy. =D

Always be Positive all the time,
Then be corrective to stop the crime.

Try your best by hard and smart,
So the test be thwart from the start.

If Simple is Hard that what you said,
It Topple the card without any aid.

As Hard is Simple it also means,
Your card can topple it by any means.

Ignore your stubborn and Grumpy heart,
Make your turn unveil the Trump card.

Though Life is hard to topple without the card,
But create a card is simple as it overcome hard.

The Card is made, not to be wait,
Hard will fade, as u just said.