Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I just can't let u go

I know I'm selfish
being such a COWARD facing all the uncertainty of the future
I'm so weak to overcome my fear
My destiny
My past
And suck to verify my feelings

I don't speak
I think
And I see monochrome scene for our future

Everytime I decided to give it up
I just fail to do so
I'm such a loser
Cause I can't decide

I know someday I will belong to the sea
But not now
I'm an ice
But I love fire
I rather to being burned and melted into water
Than fell into the warm embrace of th esea

I love adventure
I love sparks
I want romantic
Now I know that I'm not a young innocent girl ANYMORE
Traditional technique just can't satisfy me

Such an idiotic woman

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