Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So all the 3 months curse is caused by me?

Now I know it =(

I was so passionate n active for the first few month.
Not until 3 months later.
I will get really sick for facing the same people continuously for 3 months.
No passion no patience no love NOTHING other than bored and some irritation.

I'm bad.
When you just fully explore someone, you will get bored.
Is it true?
When there's nothing for you to discover
you look for next target...( I not yet that level lol)

Is that a curse?
Or just a psychic side of me?
I hate myself being like this
hurting people and hurting myself

And there's something always on my mind, wondering how is it possible for those couple to be in a relationship for 1 year, 2 year, 5 years, 10 years or even enter marriage
That's sound so impossible mission for me since I get bored of one individual within 3 months.

I try so hard to fix it fix it fix it lorrr...
My heart has been telling me
let him go, let him go

How I hope I can have a long lasting, sweet relationship.
And now i realize that's too greedy to ask for it?
Am I suppose to be a player and change target time by time.
Nop, definitely no for me.
I rather to be single in that case.

God, change me. Change my heart.
I wanna get happiness.
I don't want to end up being alone.



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