Tuesday, September 28, 2010

如果 IF ... *Photo: AmberChia Workshop*

If your love, can fill up my wound, and make it healed.

Amber Chia Workshop, Sg Wang.

Ah~ Blur pic =( Shorty me with slim and LONG Amber lol

Make up session. Omg My eyes are so red due to the sensitiveness towards the contact lense =(
And Please ignore my rotten face T.T
我可怕的烂皮肤~不睡觉的后果 ~。~

Ah~ Super thick and black eyeliner with SUPER LONG falsies~ *Wink*

My sexy back~ *vomit* Is my super wide shoulder!

Photo session

不像我,没有修很大啦~只是灯光问题~呵呵。没有很喜欢。感觉好老 ><
Is that me? Lol. No photoshop just the different lightning present different effects.
I don't really fancy this group of photos, I look so old wei~

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ultrawan88 said...

LOL!!!!!! XD
I think I'll show these pics to her next time hahah XD
then she will rmbered it!! >.o b