Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Funny fact

The fact that,
I'm actually noob till need my parents' help to pick my future husband?
I mean

And, they did.
I think they are so glad to do so =.=
It's not tat i let them pick from a long long list~
Just that ...
there are more than one ...
Bah~~~susah lor

0 : no market.
1 : ngam ngam
>1: headache =________=

The votes doesn't represent my stand though~

There're too many things for me to consider
Too many things to stop me from stepping forward
Stop me from getting into a relationship
The fear The situation The mindset
stopping me to step further

They(members of list LOL ) are not comparable
But they are similar
The degree of similarity makes me wanna cry
They are sooooooooooo similar with each other
but so different with me T.T

Well Well Well
Finding future partner is hard
Let nature take it's course

But the funny fact that My dad actually APPROVED one of them
making me @.@!!!

below is the conversation:

Dad: Ok lar, u can go follow this XXX to ****(place name)...
Mum:U sell daughter meh?

This is the first time i talk about my relationship problem with him since i was born!
And the first time he actually approve other people's son to take care of his dear daughter!
This is so SURPRISING and beyond my expectation!!! >________________< 21

My mum advice will be : He have to love Christ...

Erm....... now I'm under parent's guidance (yes Im 21 but im staying at home!)
So I think im restrained by her rules already~~~~
So... so ...
Pandai pandai la ... LOLx


Anyway, Final Decision still with me right?
I'm just too confusing to make any decision right now~
My heart and mind is in a mess
Which i hate them to be in this state
I still prefer single life MAN!


Great brain, Great look, Great talent, Great achivement, Great heart, Great background, Great future, Great feeling ...
Somebody that love y0u, somebody that you love, somebody that can take care of you, somebody that can get along with you, somebody that share your interest

I don't know what's the condition of a boyfriend anymore...
and the definition of LOVE

FEELING doesn't mean everything
you got NOTHING

I have met someone that makes me feel warm and sweet

The little gift makes u smile
The accompaniment keep u secure
Somebody that you can rely on
But bully at the same time (haha!)

there's no thumping heart
u can't feel any hotness on your cheek
I dare not to think further ... =P
cause there's no more illusion on further part...

!!!!!!!! It's not the time yet I GUESS !!!!!!!!!!

I guess I will still need to carry on with my single life..
Two might not be better than one...

I'm not a lonely creature that need some others people to intrude into my life
Getting into a relationship is not simple as
changing your FB profile status
and spread the news to the world

You have to be responsible and committed.
Not for a day, a month of a year
is for


When someday
I can understand myself more
When someday
My heart could tell
I will unlock the door
to make u a VIP
in my life


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cH33_m31 said...

nice one, this blog is warming my heart gal~ lolx~
yep, 2 might not be better than one~ and when u get into a r/s,u might lost urself or making others lost themselves.