Tuesday, April 20, 2010


There are sometimes
Certain thing
No matter how hard u work on it
It will never change
that's your FATE

I always think that the problem is with me
No one's fault but me
Trying so many ways to figure out what can I do
to make my life better

But now I know
that's not only me
my sibling
my closest one
they all having the same problem with me

We might not perfect
But we are not some rotten eggs
We are somehow gifted with certain talent
and we are all kind souls
But why are we still leading that kind of life?

Why are we feeling lonely?
What is the thing that lead us to the emotional side?
at least I know
I'm not alone
with this destiny

People might admire you
but doesn't mean that they like you

You might have many fans
but you won't get many friends

Those who fall for you
you don't like them

The one you fall for
never feel for you

If you can't change your destiny
So why don't just accept it?

God is fair
they give you certain thing
and take away something

Make good use of the special thing that gifted by God
and try your best
Be Strong
and face the fact
Protect yourself from hurt
when that certain thing was taken by God

1 comment:

Panzer Templer said...

not only u, same for me, all the feeling came back when we went murni just now (b4 u reach murni).......... I HATE MAMAK!!!!!!!! I HATE FEELING!!! I HATE LIVING!!! i really wished that i never agreed to go murni....