Thursday, March 4, 2010

SAVE the DOGSSS~~~~~~~~

The latest addition to is a service featuring Pound Dogs - dogs that are caught by local dog pounds and have only a few days to live before being euthanized. We will be working closely with the NGOs to feature these poor, innocent souls that require urgent rescue to escape death.

Save These Pound Dogs Now !!!

Please help spread the word on these urgent adoptions - your simple word of mouth could save a precious life!

The Team

Malaysian Government go DIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
U can't take their live just because u HATE them!!!!!!!
There are livesssss too!!!!
What you can do is just take kopi money!
The dog still can help us to protect our house when you are doing nothing!!!!!!!
Damn u Stupid Msia Government!!!!!
Stop killing the innocent livessssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!
U will be cursed for your whole lifeeeeeeee!!!!
Bad peoplessssssss! ><

Save them by adopting them! PLz!!!!!
3 days left for them ><

They are so cute and innocent, how u bear to see them get killed after 3 dayssssssss
I so wanna cry...
I already got 2 dogs at home I cant do anything :"(
Save them please.
God will bless you by doing such a good deed.

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