Saturday, March 6, 2010

Empty promise

The tears are bitter...
I don't like the feeling when it's rolling down on my cheek and hitting hard on the ground
It just make me looks pathetic

Why must people break promise?
No matter intentionally or not
It hurts

The more hope that you're putting in the promise they gave
the more disappointment u get.

Maybe they just didn't prioritize me as much as what i did to them.
Losing hope
Losing faith
I don't want to believe anymore.
Stop telling me about what we gonna do when we MEET NEXT TIME
the next time will become endless wait
I'm just sick of the waiting
and the feeling of happy for nothing after a long wait

If you really care
there will never be empty promise

If I care
I will never break my promise
I swear

Stop imagine about partying and outing
Just dream on!
Nobody will bother about me.
People doesn't care
As much as me
Maybe just because I'm a pathetic soul
who desperate for people's accompaniment
crying over somebody's absence

Best friend list?
Nope I don't have
I'm just a single soul
left with nothing

The extra concern of unrelated peoples should be saved from annoy me more.

-I reject every date that I had just when I received your call that you are coming.
-I stay back when you said you are coming to meet me.
-I rather to get scolded and push back my family priority to meet you.
-I specially stay up my night to clean my room when I thought you are coming.
-Can't you see how important you girls to me?
-Is it that hard to spare a time for me?
-I even need to reserve your time a week advance? or even earlier?-
-You are always my priority.
-I can decline any plan in my schedule just because a sudden call from you.
-But why I never appear in your schedule when you got free time?
-I spent all the time online searching to plan for the party and stuffs but
end up nobody is able to attend.