Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Japanese Cultural Night 09/10

Have I ever mentioned, this is my Favourite performance EVER? Hehehe, it may not be the best, but I enjoyed from the start to the end, from practice phase till the final performance.

I guess Japanese Cultural Night performance will be my Last Music performance in my Uni life. And it will be the best in my memories.
Why? Because I got great costume, great band members, great songs, great moments, great supporters, applause and etc...
Although it is not the best performance of mine, off-pitch, forgetting lyrics and some others mistakes. But I realised that, this is the first time I smiled on stage. It's so natural, no faking for others. That's my best moment.

I feel that, finally, I found myself. I've back to the starting point.
The little girl that liked to sing Japanese song a lot and imagine that she can open her own concert.

She printed out translated lyrics.
Sing the song and dance around in front of TV when opening live concert VCD of SPEED.
Imagine that she is the one who open her mini concert.

Although the stage she is owning now, is a small little mph stage with poor PA system...
But the most important thing, she enjoyed it and finally found herself.

(Finally fulfilled my wishes to have lots of picture with yukata! ^^)

Thanks to my band members for making my last performance a great one!
Ok 1stly... who should i intro first...

Kelvin - My elec guitarist

ahahaha... the loyal one... LOLx actually he just help me perform twice ny...
But he is a really kind guy lar... Treat me eat cheesecake somemore :P
dont see he 呆呆 one... He look very good boy rite? but actually his inner self is a really wild one lor... love red hair and gothic looks! ^^
He looks cool when playing guitar lor! Don't play play XDXD
Will kena sot one ok! I think he is single and available. Single ladies are welcome... :D

Jesen - Drummer
Ok this drummer ah... Banyak comments one... Have to put in dir en grey to please him.. And then say Natsu Matsuri Gina song... I use gina voice sing he oso wanna show me that kind of expression lor... =.='''
When he is late for 15 minutes, the 1st thing that i always said: wah, u so early...
Oh ya the earliest he can reach is late for 15 min, the latest... Needless to tell.. hahahaha
But as the prev judges said, don't at look this small little kid, he is playing so hard and with great power. Hahaha ya lar, he looks really cute when he don't shoot me. But most of the time, it's really hard for him to be kind to me one lor.
And he is not available for sale lor sorry ladies. He is taken by a real beauty :P

Arthur - My Bassist

One of the kind soul.
He is willing to help even that we didn't meet each other before!
Lol. Needless to say he got great bass skill.
(I only choose the best ok XD)
When he didn't play bass, he looks cute and funny lor.
Haha especially with his hamster teeth... ahahha
When he play bass, wah totally change into another person, jumping while playing somemore o.o

Ome - Elec Guitarist

Wa absolutely a great solo guitarist
And he is so nice to become my final guitarist( Kena ffk by some irresponsible guitarist)
I was so fed up that time, and he appeared! That's why if you want the best, you have to wait patiently lar...
hehehe... Sometimes he is quiet, but sometime what he said will shock you... hahahaha
He is so nice to fetch me to practice since both of us staying at the same area.
Great to know new fren! ^^ somemore a good one :D

Jeffrey - Keyboardist

When the time I approach Jeffrey, the actual performance just 2 weeks to go...
He can catch up so fast... hahaha.... Of course I believe in him
A very efficient and punctual one! ^^
He is a great photographer too!
Thanks for the nice photos...
Love them so much ^^

I didn't miss out anyone rite?

Oh ya, one more my Oniichan
Haha, he is the one who invited me to join this event.
If not because of this event, we won't knowing each other.
A really caring brother.
Just sometimes he is acting over tention and over serious, make me tention oso T.T
But overall I can always have nice chat with him... :D
He is really nice nice nice nice! (*single and available* :P)

*Happy ^^*

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is me? Not me

Have you ever experience that,
when u are sitting in the lab, mind blanks,
have totally no idea what to do for the next step
Staring at the computer, looking at the peoples around you busy finding for the solution
While you don't even know what's the question asking about.

I'm not a smart person.
But I'm not dumb as well.
But indeed currently I look dumb in front of the codes.
How did i feel?
Insulted? Humiliated? Hurt? Losing my pride?

There are all kinds of stuffs that I never met before I enter my University life
Now i met it.
Overcome it?
Not necessary.
I have been treated like a fool or dumbass ever since I am taking this subject.
Regret or not, doesn't matter anymore.
This kind of life is going to come to an end.
4 years of humiliation that lead me to low self-esteem
Terrible right?

I know I'm good at somewhere else.
Actually I think that I can do well in anything other than programming.
Why did I choose it then?
That's a long long story that I don't wish to recall.
Anyway it's going to end soon.
Hopefully I won't face the same problem when I'm out there earning a living.
Oh god. No IT job!

I wanna get back the Real me
The one who is confident with who she is
the one who is satisfied with what she owned
the one who is happy with what she's been doing

Add on:
Oh well.
I actually feel so much better when I am doing my band practice, catwalk practice, sing and dance stuffs...
The difference is just like Heaven and Hell!
Oh my god.
That's the place where I feel confident and satisfied.
Tired but happy.
That's what I want to be.
God, will you lead me to the way that I wished for? :)

Actually, I think I'm pretty good. :D

Sunday, March 14, 2010


我的悲伤 止住了
我浪费太多时间 沉浸在这悲伤里头
这份感觉 也折磨我太久了
是时候 抬起头 继续的朝我的梦想前进了

21个年头 我到底做了什么
浪费了太多 在处理自己的情绪
不是不够 是非常不好
我所有的不如意 不快乐
因为自己个性上的不完美 带来的困惑
I wanna be a better person


可是 我会努力让自己的心智达到21岁。呵
(我妈常说:人家“幸运”的现在这个年纪已经做妈了,你还像个小孩一阳跳来跳去 LOL)
可是 我还想保存15岁的单纯
我还是希望自己 能够简简单单地 真诚的面对身边的人
Maturity= 21
Outlook= As young as possible :D
Behaviour= 21/15 Depends :D
Innoncence= always 15

This innocence is brilliant
I hope that it will stay
Please don't go away
I need you now
And I will hold on to it
Don't you let it pass you by :)

Baby->Primary school

Secondary school


Beta & Gamma