Saturday, January 16, 2010

When you

When you feel like that's no tomorrow
When you feel like don't know how to carry on your life anymore
When you desperate so much for drugs and cigarettes
to numb your nerves so that you can forget everything temporarily
When you cry so hard until your head cracked
the pain never end
When you bang your head so hard to the wall
and hope that the life will be ended after you close your eyes
When you cut on your body and forget about how much you cared about the ugly wound
When you found that nobody understands you and you are all Alone
When you realized that nobody can let you trust and rely on
that's nothing different like you are the only people in this world
When you think of all the methods that can kill you beautifully,
without pain and blood
When you realized that
there's nothing different whether you exist or not in this world

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