Monday, January 25, 2010

海里的记忆 The memories in the Sea

Finally, Im here uploading my song that entered to XQRJ Grand Final.
Some of you might heard of this song since a years ago. (U are sure is my besties!)
This song is kinda old.
Haha but it had not presented to outsider before,
as in, this is the first time Im presenting this song
to outsider. :)

Here, I wanna thanks everyone that support me, no matter the support is started since long time ago, or just recently, just wanna thanks everyone who is helping me and guiding me all along my song composing life(especially to my band mate :)). And of course, thanks to the one who gave me the inspiration to write a song, for you.
That means you really hurt me a lot. Ahaha.

Ok enough of craps.
Let's listen to the demo of my song.
Do not hold high expectation on my 0 cost demo...
Im So sorry for the poor demo(Really really poor if compare with other contestants)

hailidejiyi by hiroko_jiayi


回忆总是停留在我的脑袋 我们曾经的愉快

收起来 丢进了 大海




*你的无可取代 你为何走开

对你的信任与依赖 让我更加受伤害

你的无可取代 再也找不到人来期待

温柔与关怀 那个人已不再



已经没有未来 不需要再等待 没有人来疼爱

你的自私我明白 不会再怪你的离开

你的无可取代 你已选择慢慢地走开

再也不能回来 只有放手让你离开

其实我从没有释怀 我不值得你去爱

But Im sure...
I will present the BESTEST performance during grand final.
Ya Best of Best. hahaha.
That's my stage.
And Im going to grab any chance that came to me.

Im proud to be the Jiayi-onstage.
Though I always hope that Jiayi-downstage can always SHINE like the one onstage.
Everybody likes her, have many friends, not because of what she got, just because of what she is.
I think I found them. Not many though. But, those who love me because of who I am, I really appreciate it. And I will treasure you. I love u my friends! You know who! hehehe
I love my family as well :D

Are you curious about the story behind the song?
Well there's always long stories behind my song. Hehe.
No secret, It's all public. :)
But I repeated many times already during all kind of interview from XQRJ part...
Ok never mind. For those who don't know about the story, here you go.

That is the time when she first step into her university life,
when she leave her home for the first time and live outside by her own.
She is shy, introvert, and don't even dare to speak to others.

Here is the guy, who became her best friend. Ya. Best of the Best.
Nobody can ever replace his position in her heart.
And they promise that they will stay together forever, best friend forever.
No matter each other already had a lover or had a child.
When the misunderstood cause the guy broke the promise, the friendship gone forever.
The guy leave. When she standing alone at the same place, wanting back the friendship so much.
But she knows, the only thing that she can do is, Let him go from hurting him further.
She never felt that miserable before when she rejected anyone.

He is important.
He is irreplaceable.
And he is forever gone.
The pain is unbearable.

That's how this song came! :)
Well everything is fine now...
No more longing for the past. We should cherish what we have now.
But that's an unchanged fact.
No matter how good u are, there will be no 2nd him in my heart anymore.
As in term of good guy friends.
Or you can do transsexual surgery maybe :P

Pls supppppppport me Nyaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~ =3

-I rmb when u organized the first birthday party for me during my first year in Uni-
-U gave me a doll u bought at Genting when i said i love dog-
-We spent valentine together by changing frenship chocolate-
-Is me who ask them to throw U into the swimming pool during your exam, sorry to make u get cold :P-
-U climb stair instead of lift to secretly enter girl's apartment to come to tutor my homework although i don't want to study at all LOL-
-U said that my singing voice is nice :)-
-U are with me all the time during my first singing competition-
-I cried when I thought we are going to separate because of different campus-
-U comfort me when I almost burst into tears after get down from roller coaster-
-U stay by my side even when I choose to be with a bad guy-
-U wipe out my tears when I hurt by unhealthy relationship-
-U cry because i hurt u-
-I cry because i hurt u-
-U leave because u are in pain-
-I let u go even I'm in pain-
Friendship between different gender is hard to maintain isn't it?
Well, all the good memories I will keep deep inside in my heart. :)

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