Monday, January 18, 2010

1st time ever Radio Interview on MyFM

I'm on AIR!
Oh well... I'm still not good at talking...
as usual..
Why am i so nervous lar...
must be confident confident confident... LOL
My voice sound soooooooooo weird!!!!
awful awful awful lar!
have to train :(

this is the recording for those who didn't get to catch the LIVE one...
MMU people, please support me! XD

Listen here

12th XQRJ MY.FM Recording (20100117) by GES

Jym 庄靖毅 he's quite cute one :P


cH33_m31 said...

it seems so fun there!

♥ J♥

Well it's quite fun lar. But kinda nervous oso. When on air, u can't simply talk nonsense edi. But never mind lar, got lengzai DJ to watch XD