Monday, December 21, 2009


When I hear the birds start singing
I wanna see you
When I see the leaves start fallin
I wanna see you
The only thing I'll do
Don't you know
Is to rush and run to you

When I hear the clock start ticking
I start to miss you
The only thing I'll do
Is gonna dream of you

Wanna stay by your side
You are my everything
You are my only link
To the angel's wings
Talk about love and
I can't stop thinking of you
Such a crazy thing
Like snow fallin' in spring

One morning I woke up
I felt as if I suddenly
just couldn't see
Little girl inside of me.

So I pretend to smile again
it's not that easy
everytime I see myself I just can't breathe

On a rainy day you walk along my side
and brushed the raindrops from my eyes and then
you asked me if I'd be alright
Never thought I'd ever feel the sunlight shining through my wintery sky
Hold me tight baby hold me tight, won't you dim the lights.

I want to sing my love songs to you
Let me hold you
I can't stop thinking about you
Please baby please tell me that you love me

I don't wanna cry no more but am I brave enough?
To Face the pain and fear he left behind from me
I've been deeply hurt before with all me wounds he gave me
It's killing me
only if you see

Loving you the sound of burning cigarettes
Falling ashes on my lonely bed
I told you I can't live without you
Let me love you
I won't regret
For all the times we've been through

I tried to stay away
I tried to give you space
I could't help myself
I only wanted to help
You pushed my arms away
Then one day

You walked another way
A place I couldn't stay
My compass fell apart
I don't know where to start
To keep this from tearing up

Please take me back in time with you
To a time when you were true
Visit all seven wonders
There won't be another
To keep me satisfied
If I can fall back into you
There is nothing I can't do
If I'm under the weather
We talk, I feel better
At least I knew I had
Someone who cared
Somebody baby

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