Saturday, November 21, 2009

Green eyes monster...

WAH~ i had become green eyes monster! This is what my sisters called me.
I bought this pair of green contact lense from Sg Wang if I not remembered wrongly.

It is a new brand called IEnhancer.
It is the only brand that come with enlargement function and variety of colors.
And it is monthly use.(Most of the color contact lense for 3 months)
The material is better than the Grey Geo Lens that i bought online last time.
At least it won't feel "plastic".
It still feel soft like normal contact lense.
Forget to mention about the price, I bought it at rm50 ^^
Sadly, their choice only include those with black ring (outside the pupil).
I want those with nudy circle(Angel Series from GeoLens).
Like below: XD

The effect is just awesome.

It seems like I finally know to apply eyeliner properly.
At least this time, my eyes won't be smaller after i apply it.

First I have to draft out the line with eyeliner gel(Mugu) before I apply the liquid eyeliner(Monplay).
Those normal Eyeliner pencil and gel smudge easily on my eyes.
That's why, as a beginner of eyeliner user, I have to force myself to learn how to apply liquid eyeliner.
Mugu's eyeliner gel is easy to apply, but the color is not black enough and still smudge on my eyes.
Thats why i have to cover it with liquid eyeliner.
Both of the liquid eyeliner and eyeliner gel I bought it online.
Cheap and good. :)

Yea! New bag, finally.
The bag is big and shiny!
Blink blink, it's so ME. haha
Love it.
And the price oso make u, WOW!

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