Monday, November 2, 2009

Back to School life

Here start my new semester!
The last 2 sem before my graduation...
Wow... It's fast isn't it?
I've been studying in Money Making University for 3 years! hahaha

How's my school life?
As usual, It's just So-so.

This sem I decided to work very hard on my academic and learn to lead a healthy life!
It's not guaratee of course.
Or should I say, usually i fail to do so. :(

This sem I'm taking Computer Graphic.
A very dangerous subject(to me) and it's an elective subject.
Which means, I'm not compulsory to take this subject
as I can choose other theoretical subjects from the list,
which is safe to me(I'm better in theory instead of practical, especially programming)
But this time, I'm gonna challenge myself!
With mission impossible!
Well, I hate programming.
A lot, A Lot.
But i love graphic.
Let's see how am I going to adapt the 3D environment...
God bless me.
Please don't let this subject fail me.
Jiayi, Be confident! and work hard also ... :P

Let's back to school life.
I've been slacking too much...
sleep eat sleep eat sleep eat... XD

Back to high school series! =D

If only MMU approve this kind of attire...
Nah, only the attire below is ALLOWED in MMU.
Sien ~.~
Long pants is freaking annoying...

Cow cow series... So cute :D
I mean the Top lar...

Random Casual Series

My collection of Clinchers!

I never realised that I've bought so many clinchers...
Most of them are left in the wardrobe, unused ...
Because I don't have the top to match them LOL
(Then buy so many for what?! answer: because it's cute? XD)
Thinking of selling some of them to get back some cash ><

The Long T I have hunted during Jusco Sale! Damn cheap. Guess what's the price? hehehe...

I never like Blue.
Just recently I had fall in love with Bright Color.
Yea, I want my life Fill up with COLORS ^^
This bright blue Long T attracted my eyeballs among the crowd of clothes.
The brand is Harajuku. That's why it's kinda Japanese look...
but mummy and my sister give me a comment which is very ... =.=
what they said:
If you get what I mean... >.<

This is so NOT me... And kinda scary. LOL!
just upload for fun. For you to see a different me. LOL! XD

This is natural me! Without eyebrow ... hahahaha

*End of post* Wee.. ^^

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cH33_m31 said...

u really got at posing~~haha~~~long time nvr meet ler...u changed a lot in ur attire~~~ look nice^^